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Disaster Relief Responsibility

The devastating and deadly Hurricane Ida became the second-most intense storm to strike Louisiana. The Category 4 hurricane is just one of many that have wreaked havoc on America this season.  But that doesn’t mean rebuilding should be done by Joe Biden and the federal government.

Politicians from the areas hit now want hundreds of billions of dollars in aid. When disaster strikes, the federal government definitely has a role, because the feds control resources, such as the military and other first responders. But why has rebuilding become the federal government’s responsibility? Until recently, businesses and charities handled most disaster response. And it’s a fact the private sector does a better job than government. Here are some answers from John Stossel.

Voting Firm Eyes Louisiana

Dominion Voting Systems, the corrupt and foreign-based voting machine company behind so many of the rigged election results in 2020, is now eyeing Louisiana.  And it appears Dominion has inside help from the Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin. He framed a bidding process so one-sided that only Dominion could place bids. And this turkey is allegedly a Republican. Kyle Ardoin: You’ve got some explaining to do! More from The Gateway Pundit.

[Zero Day] Approaches

The [Deep State]/[Central Bankers] have walked through the front door. They committed treason at the highest level. Why interfere with your enemy while they in the process of destroying themselves? What makes a good movie? Great actors. How do you show the people the truth, via a movie? Sometimes you need to have the stage ready so people can enjoy the performance.  More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we take a look at the incredible National Guard presence in Washington, DC, investigate the possible reasons why and do a deep dive on agent provocateurs that were inside the U.S. Capitol on the 6th. In particular, there’s an exploration of possible crimes that fit under the heading of treason. Also, why have disaster declarations been made for Washington DC, as well as Georgia, Louisiana and Utah? More from RedPill78.

The U.S. House voted 232 to 197 on Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump. All 222 Democratic members of the House voted to impeach. A total of 197 Republicans voted nay. There were 10 Republicans who voted to impeach: John Katko, New York; Liz Cheney, Wyoming; Adam Kinzinger, Illinois; Fred Upton, Michigan; Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington; Dan Newhouse, Washington; Peter Meijer, Michigan; Anthony Gonzalez, Texas, David Valadao, California; Tom Rice, South Carolina.

As far as we’re concerned, all 10 of these individuals are traitors of the worst kind. They are no better than the Democrats’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or her impeachment marshal, Eric Swalwell, the California congressman who wailed about President Trump all while Swalwell had been screwing a Chinese spy and carrying out subterfuge on behalf of the Communists.

We do not recommend you go to the houses of these Republican traitors to shout at them or harass them. However, do not support any of these bastards ever again. If they run for election in two years, shun them. If they have primary opponents, support those opponents. If you see any of them walking down the street, feel free to call them out loud what exactly they are: Traitors!

Finally, we close with a new video from Jordan Sather, coming out of yet another power blackout in the Pacific Northwest. Jordan opens with talk of the new peach mint. Also, who will the mainstream media attack today? Looks like their new targets are Gab and Telegram. Face it, the Leftist fake news outlets are never happy.  They want zero competition. They want all Americans getting propaganda shoveled down their throats. Finally, Sather closes with a couple of topics always dear to his heart — UFOs and vaccines.

Epstein In The Kill Box???

In the latest Q drops, sinister hints were dropped about Jeffrey Epstein. Why is he now in the kill box??? What’s behind Lex Wexner and his goat-headed demons? Dark to light!!! More from McAllister TV.

How much deeper and darker does this all go? JustInformed Talk also begins to examine the Q drops suggesting something truly hideous and demonic was occurring at Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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One of the Mardi Gras favorites in New Orleans: A float built around the theme: Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself. The float instead showed Epstein being strangled by Hillary Clinton! YouTube keeps deleting the video, so hopefully, it will remain on display for another day or two, or turn up somewhere else, before the YouTube Leftist fascists get a hold of it again.

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The trial of Dr. Pizza, aka Peter Bright, has ended in a hung jury. Hard to believe as Bright was clearly a pedophile offender, who responded to an undercover agent, motioning his interest in abusing her underage boy and girl. Bright, a dual US and British citizen, worked as a writer for Ars Technica, a Conde Nast publication. He described himself on Twitter as “poly, pan and pervy.” The jury spent three days deliberating before re-emerging without a verdict. Now, Bright is likely to face a second trial or to negotiate a settlement with government officials. More from RandomRantsofRyan.

Tigers Vs. Tigers

President Donald Trump received a thunderous applause at the Tigers vs. Tigers NCAA college football national championship in the New Orleans Superdome. The LSU Tigers won the title and held on to their No. 1 ranking by beating back the Clemson Tigers 42-25. Meanwhile, in San Antonio, Texas, Democratic Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg hauled out Judge Judy Scheindlin in his quest to rattle Trump. Sit Patrick Mack covers these news snippets while diving into a weightier issue — child pornography in this edition of In Pursuit of Truth.

The [Deep State] feels the patriots closing in. They are now taking precautions to protect what they have done in Ukraine and Iran. This has already failed. The patriots have all the information. This was planned long ago. The [DS] is using the same tactics as before. Russia hacked into Burisma, and it just like the DNC hack. Assange is the key. The patriots have the source. The [DS] coverup plan failed before it was implemented. More from the X22 Report.

Woke sheep are fighting corruption worldwide. It certainly appears President Donald Trump is getting stronger. We are nearing a breaking point as the Globalists lose their grip. More from Lori Colley.

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We have some scary video to share of one of those mysterious white vans that’s allegedly being used to kidnap women and children all over the east coast and southern United States — and Adam Carolla puts climate change activist Jane Fonda in her place, but misses the big picture behind the hysteria: UN Agenda 2030. More from the SGTReport.

Pedophiles In Power

Arrests continue to accelerate for pedophiles as the Trump administration works to protect our children from creeps. RandomRantsofRyan discusses the latest round of pedophile arrests: A sheriff’s deputy and his wife in Louisiana, a Disney executive, a firefighter and, of course, a large number of Catholic priests.

Jamie Dlux offers his video called The United Rapists, examining the large numbers of child rape charges brought against French troops drawing United Nations service in Africa.

This goes over the History of Lex Wexner, and all that this CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch did to help usher in the Beast system, Wexner’s connections to Epstein and Originals owner of A&F! First in a two or three-part series planned by TestingtheNarrative.


Why Liberals Are Losing

Find out why left-wing liberalism isn’t just dying; it’s already dead!! More from Dr. Steve Turley.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy. R-Louisiana, says the four Democratic congresswomen known as “The Squad” are destroying the Democratic Party. “I consider Congresswoman Omar, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Tlaib and Congresswoman Pressley, I think that’s her name, they call themselves ‘The Squad,’ I consider them to be fools. They hate America. They think America was wicked in its origins and it’s even more wicked today.”

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Trump’s master plan has worked, says Styxhexenhammer666. The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse — the Far Leftist fringe of the Democratic Party — have now become the face of that party. By moving so far afield to deflect Trump and defend those extremists, Democrats have cast themselves as the enemies of the everyday American. Trump may have won 2020 already.

Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Voodoo is as intrinsic to New Orleans culture as Mardi Gras, jazz and the beignet (French term for a pastry). Marie Laveau was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo, who was renowned in New Orleans. Although some references to Marie Laveau in popular culture refer to her as a “witch,” locals say she is more properly described as a ‘Voodoo queen’. More from Robert Sepehr.

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Billions Invested in America

Hank Berrien for the Daily Wire reports that ExxonMobil announced it would invest a whopping $10 billion in America’s infrastructure as it develops the Golden Pass liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Sabine Pass. Sabine Pass borders Jefferson County in Texas and Cameron Parish in Louisiana.

The pursuit of LNG in the US could propel the US economy. It propelled Qatar to be the richest country per capita in the world. Gary Franchi reports for the Next News Network.

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Glad Scalise Was Shot

Phil Montag, the technology chairman for the Nebraska Democratic Party, is in hot water after saying he was glad that U.S. Rep Steve Scalise got shot and wishes the Louisiana Republican was dead. Montag denies making the comment, implying that someone altered the tape that has emerged with him explaining his position.

But Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb still moved to have Montag ousted. His mistake: He got caught saying exactly what all the Democratic leadership believes.  They are bloodthirsty killers: They just don’t want the public to know!

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