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Ancient Portals, UFOs, Giants

End Times Productions’ Dr. Thomas Horn suggests there is strong evidence in Native American culture of ancient portals, UFOs, giants walking the Earth and strange, human-hybrid creatures.

Horn documents his discussion with Dr. Don Mose Jr., a respected third-generation medicine man, who concurs that the alien presence was real and also reveals the truth of the alleged disappearance of the Anasazi people, end of times and more.

Sophia: A Threat 2 Humanity

Sophia wants to destroy humanity! Are dark entities able to live in the web?

Playboy Mind Control! Hollywood is turning into monsters! And it’s not because of old age! Hollywood clones are breaking down!

Hidden logos, hidden agendas! Sophia will take the place of normal sex!

Humanity will cease to exist! 1905 newspaper with 40-foot giant bones found! More from McAllister TV.

Giants! Bones! Graveyards!

Hidden evidence of many giant races all over the world! Every state has a history of giant bones and artifacts! Where’s your giants?!? Graveyards everywhere! More from McAllister TV.

Legend Of The Amorites

The Amorites flourished in the Middle East during the Bronze Age and went on to dominate Babylon. These were large and stout people, which led some scholars to refer to the Amorites as “giants.” While they were spread throughout the Middle East, their homeland could be Found in Phoenicia, Canaan and present-day Syria.  More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

All-Seeing Eye Of Ancient Giants

Many cultures around the world, such as the ancient Mesoamericans and classical Greeks, told stories of giants, describing them as a flesh-and-blood race who lived and died–and whose bones could be found in the ground where they were buried long ago. Many discoveries of people with an unusually large stature were documented in ancient mounds and published in newspapers. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

The Lost City Of Giants

Iram: The Lost City of Giants. Here’s a look at the Arabian desert and the land traversed by the great T.E. Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia, the British archaeologist and army officer.  More from the Universe Inside You.

Nephilim Looked Like Clowns

Looking into Grinning Man and its connections to the Nephilim, Giants and Clowns. The Grinning Man was said to be human in appearance, but frequently associated with UFO activity, so some believe it was of alien origin. In addition, there were hints of cannibalism.

This report also covers Steeplechase Face, once the historic mascot of Coney Island, as well as more recent, but related phenomena, like Indrid Cold and Mothman. More from Conspiracy-R-Us.

Giants, Aliens And Armageddon

Christian contrarian, historian, author Gary Wayne joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast to talk giants that once walked the Earth, the aliens among us and the looming new world religion.

Wayne has maintained a lifelong love affair with biblical prophecy and mythology, and also gives us his take on the royal bloodlines of the elites, Armageddon-type wars and the Antichrist. Here’s more.

One Giant Secret!

Andre the Giant, Goliath, Gulliver. We are familiar with so-called giants of screen and mythology – but what if there was a real-life race of human giants that once walked the earth? And we don’t just mean you Big and Tall fellas out there. It is a very odd theory indeed, and one that understandably draws sniggers upon first hearing it – until you look at the evidence. Quite clearly there is a global effort to keep the evidence of giants since ancient days buried away from public eyes. Here, Ancient Discoveries from Zohar StarGate delves into why the Nephilim have been wiped from history.

When Giants Roamed The Earth

Ancient texts have been informing us about these “giant beings” for thousands of years. There are hundreds of accounts from around the world. However, accounts of Giants are one thing, but what happens when a long-lost relic of the past turns up and provides credible physical evidence of Giants? More from Matrix Wisdom.