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PC Goons Eye Classic Films

With Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss and Pepe the Frog well-corralled by the PC goons and censorship lunatics, it appears that classic films are up next on the chopping block. Turner Classic Movies announced that it has launched a series called “Reframed Classics” that will examine “problematic” classic films, most of which are chock-full of culturally insensitive stereotypes.

Following what many Americans would call a disastrous 2020, we wake up everyday looking for normality to return, things making sense, but it’s not going to happen for a while, says Martin Brodel. “We’re going to see more insanity, more PC crap, more cancel culture, more heinous stuff and it’s all going to be let out.”

Breitbart News reports that the new Turner series will conduct wide-ranging discussions of 18 culturally sensitive films from the 1920s through the 1960s, including the iconic Gone With the Wind. Not something we are looking forward to. Brodel also discusses Jimmy Kimmel’s statement that canceling Dr. Seuss is the way Donald Trump gets re-elected, California ponying up $28 million to help usher more illegal immigrants into the country and the shocking rumor that China gave President Biden $4 billion to test its weather weapon on Texas, which led to the disastrous ice storm.

Arnold Canceled…He’ll Be Back!

The Leftists are such big pussies that now they want Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kindergarten Cop banned. Face it: Gone With The Wind will never end! The cringe fringe snowflakes won’t shut up until they have outlawed every film made before the year 2019, every novel, every grocery store product, and torn down all of the statues. They are not just fanatics, but crazy and nutso! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Gone With The PC Culture

Me again. I wanna talk about Gone with the Wind and Cops being cancelled, Live PD being removed and Little Britain cancelled. More “pro-cop” shows waiting to be axed. Why Brooklyn nine nine has to fight to stay on air. More from Barbara4U2C.

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White Silence Is Violence

I don’t even understand why Hollywood thinks we care at all about what they have to say. Game Of Thrones is a distant memory. More from The Quartering.

Hollywood is imploding! The decimated woke industry of Leftist and activist actors is losing tens upon tens of billions. The longer this goes on, the greater the likelihood that Hollywood will never return. More from Steve Turley.


Now, HBO Max has removed Gone With the Wind from its repertory. Says The Quartering, “I think the world needs to dial it back a little bit here, HBO Max is now pulling programming, classics and more in fear it might be offensive. Welcome to 1984.” By yanking Gone With The Wind, HBO Max removes the first black — Hattie McDaniel — to win an Oscar. Now, that’s stupid! HBO Max, you might win points from leftists, but we give you the Golden Turkey Award! Dumb klutzes!

Now That’s An Insult!

Nothing can bring your blood to a boil quicker than an insult assailing your character–whether giving it or receiving it. Following are the 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time, including the King of Putdowns Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack, when he approaches an elderly lady eating dinner in the clubhouse and says, “Hey, baby, you’re alright, you must have been something before electricity.”

Complementing Dangerfield are an animated John Wayne in Rooster Cogburn, John Candy in Uncle Buck, and arguably the most devastating insult on the silver screen of all time–Clark Gable’s classic line in Gone With the Wind: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Because of strong language in some scenes, viewer discretion is advised. See you next Tuesday on LOL for more of the lighter side of life. –The Wickel

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Invaders from Mars

What’s the connection between condoms and Martian invaders?

Find out in today’s Trillion $ Movie, Invaders from Mars. The Martians fit the stereotype. Their leader is a little, green man inside a flying saucer who practices mind control on unwary humans by planting an electrode at the base of their skulls. The Martians don’t wear prophylactics, but body suits with zippers plainly visible on the backs. You can spot the condoms — more than 3,000 of them, all fully inflated — adorning the maze-like tunnels in the sandpit where the alien spaceship is hiding. The prop men first tried out balloons, but then switched to the blown-up condoms, finding they gave off a brighter red glow.

Republic Pictures’ Invaders from Mars, released in 1953, competed at the box office with It Came from Outer Space, Universal Pictures’ first 3-D movie. Invaders was also originally planned as a 3-D movie, but with a production budget of only $290,000, that option had to be scrapped. Still, it’s fun to count how many scenes have protuberances — like test tubes, telescopes and alien probes — jutting out in the foreground.

Invaders has one plot hook that distinguishes it from the many Alien Scare movies that proliferated during the 1950s. The hero is a 10-year-old boy, an astronomy geek, who not only witnesses the Martian landing, but leads the US Army in the counterattack. Talk about wish fulfillment for the kids watching the movie! Jimmy Hunt plays young David Maclean, while Leif Erickson is his father, transformed into an automaton by the “Mu-tants.” Rounding out the cast: Helena Carter and Arthur Franz as David’s surrogate parents, and the avuncular Morris Ankrum as the Army’s Col. Fielding.

The direction is by William Cameron Menzies, better known as a set designer on Gone With the Wind, The Son of the Sheik, The Thief of Bagdad and many other titles. Menzies’ visual flair is much evidence here, as in the scene where David gets hauled into a police station that looks strangely dreamlike and surreal, as if Salvador Dali might have designed it. ¬†Enjoy and do return next Friday for another Trillion $ Movie!

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