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Lava Used To Close DUMBs

Gene Decode and Michael Jaco discuss the military’s battle against the Cabal. This has involved cleaning out DUMBs, or Deep Underground Military Bases, run by the Cabal in conjunction with extraterrestrial aliens.

The DUMBs are pretty much gone across the United States, but not globally. Unless the military moves soon, the public might well take matters in its own hands, Gene Decode warns. Thus, the waiting is important, but cannot go on forever. At some point, moves must be made — and decisively — to affirm God’s plans.

Here, Gene opens with a summary of the cleanout operations that occurred in Greece and Iceland. Forces of nature were put to use. Icelandic DUMBs were filled with lava, some outside Greece were flooded by sea water.

Signs of battles can also be seen in the Golden Triangle region of Asia and across the equatorial areas of Africa. While the DUMBs are being decimated, they won’t cease to be a problem until all have been erased. We cannot underestimate their resolve or their willingness to destroy all of humanity.


DUMBs Getting Cleared Globally

DUMBs — or Deep Underground Military Bases — are being cleared out around the world. Here, Gene Decode discusses this campaign with CirstenW.

Latest DUMBs clearings have taken place in Iceland, around Greece and in Armenia and Myanmar.

More than 18,000 earthquakes have been reported over the past two weeks in Iceland. Those aren’t natural earthquakes but alliance forces knocking out the DUMBs dwellings and caves. Gene Decode says some 200 special forces died in one of those DUMBs, somewhere between Iceland and Greenland, in an attack that took them by surprise.

Gene says some big name celebrities are starting to spill all the beans. They include Martha Stewart and Richard Branson.

Origins Of Countries’ Names

Every country’s name derives from one of four sources. The vast majority of country names pay reference to the people who settled the land (Scotland and France, for instance) or to the physical qualities of the land itself (say Iceland or Greenland).

Then there are some countries named after their geographic placement on the globe. China fits this mold. Its name refers to its position on what the inhabitants considered Middle Earth.

Finally, there are countries whose names bespeak of their political structure, like the United States. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.



Norse Vikings In Greenland

Erik Thorvaldsson, known as Erik the Red, was a Norwegian Viking, remembered in medieval and Icelandic saga sources as having founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland. His son, Leif Erikson was credited as the first known European to have discovered North America. Studies have found that almost all ivory traded throughout Europe in Medieval times came from Greenland walruses, which became extinct due to over hunting, contributing to the abandonment of Viking settlements. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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Why Trump Wants This Fight

The Democrats launching their impeachment inquiry have made a serious miscalculation. President Donald Trump wants this impeachment fight. He’s the Godzilla of politics, and now he’s going to be free to come out fighting — flames bursting from his mouth — as he scorches the leadership of the rival Democratic Party. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

RazorFist captures what has happened: The impeachment impeaches itself. The mass media is making up baloney so fast even they can’t keep track. The Democrats are so eager to hit Trump it doesn’t matter if it’s Russia or the Ukraine. Next, they’ll be salivating over his tampering with Iceland. As RazorFist puts it, “Yo dawg. We heard you like impeachment…”

The impeachment fight has touched off a civil war, not only pitting Democrats vs. Republicans, but also real conservatives vs. phonies in the news media. We count Tucker Carlson as a bona fide conservative. But we consider Shepard Smith a truly repugnant phony.

Smith never met a news story he could report straight. And, no, we’re not dishing on him because he’s gay. Our beef: He’s a narcissist, a Liberal spinner, someone who colors the stories and oozes insincerity and vitriol against his own viewers.

Why should Fox expect us to put up with a bum who dumps on us? Why isn’t he forced off, to a platform like CNN or MSNBC, more fitting his Leftist politics and his demeanor? We no longer watch his show, and if you’re smart, you’ll skip this flake, too.

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Iceland Chills to Internet Porn

Iceland’s Interior Minister is leading an investigation into the possibility of banning online pornography from the country. If such a measure is enacted, Iceland would become the first Western democracy to apply the thumbscrews to Internet porn.

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