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Trump Changed The Narrative

The war might not be over, but the Good Guys are starting to win more of the battles. That’s the assessment of former CIA officer Michael Jaco, who says President Donald Trump changed the narrative.

Here, Jaco explains what he means, drawing upon his own keen powers of observation. He has mastered the tricks of the trade, and shares a few of those tricks in an interview with Nicholas Veniamin. No, he can’t reveal everything he knows.  Some of the bigger secrets await the proper place and time for disclosure.


For Those With Eyes To See

Owen Benjamin returns to SGT Report for a conversation about the good VS evil, revelation of the method, the war against humanity, and his new documentary ‘Building Beartaria’ which you can watch HERE:

Powerful fight against tyranny! Awakening worldwide! Full-blown attacks are here! Pray! More from And We Know.

The Real Donald Trump

In this revealing video, Christian Patriot News (CPN) features Donald J. Trump and his ascension into the political arena. It’s the battle of good vs. evil, Trump vs. the Establishment, the proverbial clash of titans.

CPN takes an honest and unbiased look at the real Donald Trump over multiple decades, without the fake news spin from the mainstream media, asking: Is Trump indeed a racist, as his haters charge, or does he judge others, not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character? Is he mean and rude, or kind and compassionate? Is he a liar or a truthteller? And, finally, is Trump a traitor or a patriot? Here are some answers from Christian Patriot News.

Lava Used To Close DUMBs

Gene Decode and Michael Jaco discuss the military’s battle against the Cabal. This has involved cleaning out DUMBs, or Deep Underground Military Bases, run by the Cabal in conjunction with extraterrestrial aliens.

The DUMBs are pretty much gone across the United States, but not globally. Unless the military moves soon, the public might well take matters in its own hands, Gene Decode warns. Thus, the waiting is important, but cannot go on forever. At some point, moves must be made — and decisively — to affirm God’s plans.

Here, Gene opens with a summary of the cleanout operations that occurred in Greece and Iceland. Forces of nature were put to use. Icelandic DUMBs were filled with lava, some outside Greece were flooded by sea water.

Signs of battles can also be seen in the Golden Triangle region of Asia and across the equatorial areas of Africa. While the DUMBs are being decimated, they won’t cease to be a problem until all have been erased. We cannot underestimate their resolve or their willingness to destroy all of humanity.


The Patriots Are In Control

Expatriate Jim Willie, proprietor of the Golden Jackass investment newsletter, begins with his new source of information. His name is Maxwell. Jim moves into the economy and gold, discussing how the [Central Bankers] is losing control of the gold market. Next Jim talks about how the US was infiltrated from within and there is a battle going on between good and evil. What we are seeing right now is the bad guys fighting back trying to take back control but it is failing. The patriots are in control. More from the X22 Spotlight Report.

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