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Desperation Grows For NWO

The New World Order is floundering and flailing like a drowning swimmer. Their plans are crumbling, they’re getting desperate and starting to crack. Best keep your head on a swivel because things may get squirrelly with Clown-World going off the charts.

Is there a “Plan” that involves an alliance between Trump and Putin to take down the Luciferian Deep State? Can’t say for certain, but here’s some evidence that certainly makes it seem that way.

The Center for Disease Control goes full-retard, releasing a sex guide for people with monkeypox. You seriously couldn’t make this shit up. More from SonofEnos.

Ukraine War: Alternative Takes

Amazing Polly turns her attention to the war in Ukraine. She believes the nation is under attack from Russia because Ukraine has been seized by Globalists, including George Soros and his CIA minions. She delves into Canada’s involvement, including its deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland, whose mother was Ukrainian. Freeland’s combative position against the Freedom Convoy truckers stirred much outside debate and disapproval.

Mel K gets details on the Ukraine, Taiwan and other hotspots from Benjamin Fulford, an alternative journalist known for his provocative investigatory reports. Here, Fulford offers evidence that George Soros is dead, saying his children recently split and divided up Soros’ properties and assets, something they wouldn’t have done had he still been alive. If this is the case, obviously, recent Soros statements regarding the Ukraine could be fabricated, as so much of the evidence surrounding the war is false or made up.

Fulford also discusses the nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan. He believes the Rothschilds orchestrated the event to try to force an evacuation of Tokyo, possibly with residents being shuttled over to North Korea.


She’s A Prophet Or A Parrot?

What’s with Chrystia Freeland mouthing every word of Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy speech? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Creepy Globalist Agenda

Maajid Nawaz leaves Joe Rogan speechless by explaining how the World Economic Forum (WEF) is infiltrating governments around the world. Nawaz is a founding chairman of Quilliam, a British think tank that aims to challenge the narratives of Islamic extremists.

Economic analyst Martin Armstrong, author of Manipulating The World Economy, says the New World has become desperate because its plans for a Great Reset are falling apart.  Here, Armstrong addresses Klaus Schwab’s aims to create a global economy through a one-world government.

For years, people didn’t realize his minions were being planted inside their own national governments to undermine these separate nations, much as Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have done in Canada. Armstrong goes one-on-one with Greg Hunter on


Boomer Tyrant

The self-appointed Canadian dictator-in-chief Justin Trudeau is moving to make his emergency powers act permanent, presumably so he can govern indefinitely without any interference from the House of Commons or the public at large. But one problem persists for the Boomer Tyrant and his sneering money-grabbing aide Chrystia Freeland.

They have demanded not only seizures of everyone’s bank accounts, but also their cryptocurrency holdings. But at least one cryptocurrency company has informed Trudeau to eat dingleberries and die! More from The Salty Cracker.

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