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Something Big Is Coming

The patriots are on the offensive. They are preparing and getting ready to reveal the truth about the elections. Arizona is the gold standard and once fraud is shown in the election, other states are going to vote to have a forensic audit. The [Deep State] is preparing for this. They have now put certain things into place. Red 2, a communication blackout in the continental US is coming. The [Deep State] is now preparing to go after those who push misinformation. The patriots are ready with a Social Media platform. The emergency alert system is ready. Patriots know the playbook. More from the X22 Report.

How Do You Set A Trap?

They’re caught in so many traps, and there is no way out! Loving this. Pray! More from And We Know.

Kerry Gave Secrets To Iran!

He’s been caught leaking some 200 military secrets to Iran, but will Kerry pay any price for his corruption? We can pray! Join me for the details on Kerry’s escapades plus the new census info (D states losing seats!) and the Maricopa Audit. More from Lori Colley.

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are preparing a demean and destroy campaign to push against the audit. The people are ready to push back. The people have the true power and they are ready to take back their power. The census has been released and key [Deep State] states are now losing representation and the patriot states are gaining representation. Everything is about to change. The clock is ticking and the [Deep State] has trapped themselves in their own fraud.More from the X22 Report.

The mystery of a large set of DOD Pentagon IP addresses may be tied to the final days of the Trump administration and a larger PLAN…More from RedPill78.


All lies are coming to light. Literally! Popcorn ready. Pray. More from And We Know.

People Approaching Precipice

The [Deep State] is losing the narrative. The people are approaching the precipice. People in the swing states are blaming [JB] for the border crisis. Laws were changed in these states. Rasmussen reports that 51% of the people believe that [JB] cheated in the election, 75% want the 2nd Amendment. The people are starting to flex their muscle, once the people reach the precipice, laws changed, then you expose the fraud. More from the X22 Report.

Researcher, lecturer and author Marty Leeds returns to SGT Report to expose the evil and the rulers of the darkness with TRUTH.

Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal

Here is part 11 of The Fall Of The Cabal. This chapter details further exposure of Bill Gates and his involvement in some of the most polluting companies in the world. Exposing his money fraud and redefining philanthropy. More from Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter.

Military Coup In Myanmar

Burmese Military Junta has taken control of the country, demanding “free and fair elections”… Sounds familiar. We check in with some new Biden policies guaranteed to sink the country, Biden’s choice to pick Federal Judges was accused of abusing his kids, Hunter still connected to China and much more from RedPill78.

The patriots are now ready and prepared to go after the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media. In Myanmar, the military decided to take over because of election fraud. Is this projection on election fraud here in the US? Trump and the patriots are ready to inject election fraud, treason, and crimes against humanity facts into the upcoming impeachment trial. Panic in DC. They don’t know the plan of the patriots. More from the X22 Report.


It’s an Astra Projection. What’s up with the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine? Why are bomb threats occurring and people dying, the latest outside Cincinnati, Ohio, in Butler County? Here’s 2 Minutes of Truth from In Pursuit of truth.

Is something Biblical about to happen? How long will the public put up with the pedophiles who are running many countries into the ground, at the same time these fiends prey upon children? Here, learn about “Panda Eyes”, the slang term for the blackened rings around the eyes of children who have been raped and sodomized. In January, there was a huge spike in corporate resignations as well as some surprising deaths. More from And We Know.

Why are erections on everybody’s minds these days? Listen as CNN bemoans another “erection” in Washington DC. In this episode of Accordin’ to Jordan, Jordan Sather also gets into: the Myanmar election coup, pedophile controversy with the Lincoln Project, more Fauci fraud and vaccine updates.

Fall Of The Cabal: Part 7

While researching the United Nations, we stumbled across the transfer of millions (even billions) of dollars between NGOs. Using the magic words sustainability, non-profit and philanthropy, they hide money laundering, fraud and corruption. All told, the Cabal employs about 5,500 NGOs, most of them connected to the United Nations. The money laundering allows them to avoid paying taxes, and to invest in the Cabal’s main projects: Depopulation and world dominance. Let’s see how all of this works in practice, shall we? More from Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter.


The Scoop On Anderson Cooper

McAllister TV explores what CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been hiding. His is a torturous story, involving a checkered history. Also touched upon in this video, more massive government fraud! And some Q post throwbacks.

Here’s a followup providing more details on the alleged suicide jump of Anderson Cooper’s brother Carter Cooper. The death occurred outside his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s high-rise apartment in New York City. Did he actually jump or was he “suicided?”

Avenatti: Fraud and Extortion

Michael Avenatti, the “creepy porn lawyer,” is now facing charges of fraud and extortion. The charges involve an alleged attempt to extort up to $25 million from Nike. Styxhexenhammer666 says “I honestly have begun to legitimately feel sorry for him.”

But Mark Dice isn’t feeling the least bit sorry. He’s ecstatic, wishing the “creepy porn lawyer” bye bye. You have to wonder: Which crook will CNN drum up as its next big chronic guest commentator?

Wipe Out Wall Street Fraud

Caitlin Long of Symbiont sits down with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie to discuss how bitcoin and blockchain technology can make the financial system more transparent.

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