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Truth Social To The Rescue

If you haven’t figured it out by now, social media dominates the news cycle and Big Tech, Big Money and Big Media are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Not to worry, says Christian Patriot News. Relief is on the way with Truth Social, President Trump’s latest venture into social media that is set to go online later this month, or in early March, and will systematically put an end to the lying and fake news of the mainstream media. Here’s his report.


Change Of News Cycle Coming

The [Deep State] is now trapped by the patriots. The pandemic is a big fail and now they are backtracking to make way for the ‘change of batter.’ Fake news will need to change the news cycle. [False Flags] might be in the works.

Trump and the patriots are now moving forward. The people see the truth. The [Deep State] lies to the people. The fake news lies to the people. The corrupt politicians lie to the people, etc.

Fauci is now under the microscope as more information is brought out into the open to show he was responsible and directed the pandemic. Will this be the shot heard around the world? More from the X22 Report.

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