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Watch The Slings And Arrows

Former President Donald Trump and the patriots are now appearing weak. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media should be confident and strong but with everything they are doing, it looks more like panic. When do you play the Trump card? When the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media believe they hold the winning hand. GEORGE sends out a message: Slings and arrows. We are not abandoned. Shadow government. Pain is coming. Why would John Durham add additional prosecutors on to his staff in Dec 2020? More from the X22 Report.


Filth Avenue! Pain Coming!

Let’s stroll down Filth Avenue! While it still exists! More from EyeDropMedia.

FBI Attempts To Stifle Speech

We open the show today back on my feet, with Reuters reporting Enrique Tarrio the leader of the Proud Boys is a longtime FBI informant. Now the question is, do we have a modern day COINTELPRO operation, or are they merely sending a warning to leaders of the free speech movements comprised of Patriots in America? So many stories, don’t miss it. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now trapped. They are red pilling America. People can now see very clearly and they don’t like what they see. Trump did not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration and he didn’t hand over the football. Why? It seems that everything is heating up. The Department of Homeland Security puts out a warning and the impeachment is a go. The Senate was actually the target. The Super Bowl is going to look like a puppy show, there is no escape. More from the X22 Report.


The FBI, one of the most vile and corrupt of all federal agencies, has proven just how rancid they are by arresting noted supporters of President Donald Trump, like Brandon Straka. Since when in American history has the federal government rounded up political operatives of defeated parties? This is not only un-American, but blatantly Fascist! Here, British pundit Katie Hopkins offers high praise to members of the Walkaway Movement and admonishes the thugs in the FBI for perverting and destroying American freedoms and ideals.


As high strangeness continues in our nation’s capitol, researcher and radio host Brent Johnson returns to SGT Report to deliver what he believes to be the absolute 100% truth: The US Military is in charge and the house cleaning has begun. More from the SGTReport.


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