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A Daughter’s Diaries

Mainstream propagandists turned a blind eye to most of the Deep State’s worst crimes, but this week there were two important developments, and gave us the right to say, I told you so! While we congratulate ourselves on having truth confirmed, we’re still waiting to see justice complete its work. Here, Lori Colley touches upon John Durham’s Russia collusion probe and the diaries of Ashley Biden, revealing Joe Biden’s sexual perversion against children.



Durham Bringing The Pain

Special Prosecutor John Durham is bringing the pain, the [Deep State] is panicking and they are scurrying to get ahead of the indictments by telling their side of the story. Rest assured the truth will shred their propaganda.

All this time Durham has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s and now he’s ready to produce the evidence. He’s clearly honing in on [Hillary Rodham Clinton], who appears to be the initial target. “The hunters have now become the hunted,” says X22 Report’s Dave. “Next it will be Obama and Biden. Devolution is now in full swing and the blind will soon see the light, one step at a time.” Here’s more.

Durham Closing In On Clintons

The “Russia Hoax” Special Counsel John Durham had Clinton insider Igor Danchenko arrested. This is the first real Russia Hoax arrest. How soon before he gets to Hill, Bill, Chelsea, Barack and Joe? More from Lori Colley.

Sebastian Gorka talks to Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett about the monumental first arrest in John Durham’s investigation into the “Russian collusion” hoax.

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