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Sabotage Of The Supply Chain?

Hey internet friends–in this video, we take a look at all this news regarding supply chain disruptions and wonder, “is the supply chain being sabotaged?” More from Really Graceful.

Do we have a shipping crisis or have these shortages been manufactured by the Deep State?

Here, CirstenW and Michael Jaco discuss our Deep State enemies and their diabolical plan to destroy America from within.

CirstenW says the Deep State is blocking traditional shipping routes and avenues, although she questions how long this can continue. Liberals, she says, won’t be happy if there are no turkeys for Thanksgiving nor presents for Christmas.

Jaco says we could see “more wicked stuff” if this crisis deepens. He expresses fear that MK Ultra clones could be triggered to commit dangerous crimes, not only murders but possibly incidents of terrorism and sabotage, say, polluting water systems or shutting down power plants and grids.

[Zero Day] Is Approaching

The [Deep State] is now preparing for [zero-day]. They know the truth is coming out and more states are now looking to audit their election results. The Arizona forensic audit report is going to be released around the end of September. The narrative is being built.

Facebook s now removing political posts. Twitter put into place to block users. Amazon is now going to remove sites that they do not want and now the fake news/[Deep State] is pushing that the sun is acting up and we could see the Internet hit by a solar storm.

The patriots know the playbook. Countermeasures are in place. Blackeye protects against power grid attacks. The [Deep State] is panicking and they will try everything and anything. They are on the defensive. Patriots know the playbook. More from the X22 Report.

UFO Distraction From Audits

UFOS and a commnication blackout will be used as a distraction from election audits and the emerging evidence that the 2020 Presidential election in America was stolen. Jordan Sather discusses on an X22 Report Spotlight.

Jordan begins the conversation talking about the pandemic, the pandemic is just that and planned false flag used for the elections and to bring us into the great reset. The [Deep State] is prepared and ready to use major distractions from the election audit results. They are now playing up the UFO, power grid angle. They will even go as far to say that there was a space anomaly that brought down the grid. The patriots have always known of this plan and countermeasures are in place.



The Biden Remorse Is Mounting

You were warned what he was. More from RazorFist.

Biden suspended Trump’s Executive Order barring foreign nations from interfering with US power Grid – specifically China – for 90 days without explanation. Then “suddenly” Texas loses power.

Must be a coincidence….Oh and who warned of a “dark Winter” again? Exactly which nation does Joe Biden represent — China or the United States? More from TruthVideos1984.

Green Policies Doom California

Sometimes you can just see something coming, especially if you have covered a particular topic for a long time. Texas’s power troubles were as predictable as the morning sunrise, but it took a very unusual confluence of negative events to bring the horrible consequences we now see playing out on one of the least deserving violators of energy common sense in the nation.

But California is wayyyy overdue and literally living on borrowed time. The fires of the last two fire seasons showed us how easy it is to interrupt the electricity flowing to your home – especially if you live in the Golden State. Under the cloud of confusion, which is the current green energy climate, California has waayyy overshot common-sense energy mixes that will eventually lead to California’s civilization grinding to a halt. More from Bill Still.

Children Whisked Away At Night

HI GUYS! This is the ENTIRE interview with GENE DECODE! We interviewed yesterday afternoon, for almost 2 hours! This took me all day and night to edit and render, but I decided to upload the ENTIRE interview instead of breaking it into 2 parts. We discuss what’s going on at the White House and analyze VIDEO of CHILDREN being ESCORTED out the front door in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT! More from McAllister TV.

As people drop dead all over the world after taking the Covid vaccine, and Texas residents freeze as energy prices soar to unprecedented levels, the SGTReport takes a moment to remind people that war is being waged against humanity. We are under a multi-faceted genocidal attack by what Archbishop Vigano called ‘The Children of Darkness’.

Half Of American Wheat Gone

An estimated 45% of the U.S. winter wheat crop has been damaged as the polar vortex (also known as meridional jetstream flows associated with Grand Solar Minima) brings Texas’ power grid down. More from the Ice Age Farmer.

Red Flag? Part 1

Who’s really calling the shots in Joe Biden’s America? Here’s a rundown of how nearly all of Biden’s policies are designed to reduce America’s independence and influence, while increasing the stranglehold over our nation by the Communist Chinese. Energy independence is the key battleground, but also the food, clothing and households goods marketplaces, as well as esoteric markets like those for rare earth elements or the American power grid. Here, you will learn about each of these markets, as well as China’s brutal treatment of its minority populations including the Tibetans and Uyghur Muslims. A second part is promised soon. More from Man in America.

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