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Pfizer Eye

Katy Perry suffers climate change-induced facial spasm during a recent concert. More from The Salty Cracker.

Katy Perry’s eye droops during a performance. Eminem employs lookalikes, confusing fans. Nicki Minaj tweets about ending human cloning.

Join Edge of Wonder for a deep dive into celebrity malfunctions, “deep fakes” and glitches in the Matrix over the years.

The PCR-Human Cloning Link

Dr. Ariyana Love tells “The Stew Peters Show” she has patent-proof that the PCR kits are not tests at all, but linked to human-cloning technology. “It’s real. PCR kits have never been about testing for Covid, as people were told,” Love says. “They are cloning devices and this has been admitted to by the NIH.” She explains further.

Was Michael Jackson Cloned?

Yash Qaraah, host of Stranger Than Fiction, takes us on a wild ride into the world of human cloning. “So, you think you have seen it all? Think again. It was in front of us the whole time,” he says.

He digs deeply into the mysteries behind Michael Jackson, whom he says, is still alive. He says the appearances Jackson made following his alleged facial surgery were not the real Michael, but a clone. The Saddam Hussein who was hanged in public following his capture was a clone.  And he tells us what really happened to Bernie Mac, 2Pac, Mike Tyson and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, plus more. As always, judge the material for yourself.

Human Cloning: In Our Face

The Vril Menace! Celebrities tweet about the cloning centers! They are telling us through their album covers and photographs! Cloning in hip hop! Cloning in sports! Stop human cloning! McAllister TV presents much more, including first-hand accounts and warnings from cloning whistleblowers Donald Marshall, Bernie Mac and Phil Chuppa.


The Politics Of Human Cloning

With the avalanche of lies and deception emanating from government and mainstream media, it’s no wonder the majority of the electorate believes in conspiracy theories. And with the recent admission by The Washington Post that it dropped the ball on the Trump-Georgia election story and President Biden’s green-screen manipulation, who can blame them.

Either way, they’ve broken our trust and, says Riss Flex, there is now irrefutable proof that the media is trying to be deceptive, rather than biased. There are topics that are seemingly true due to all the information we have on the subject from many different sources, yet we still find it hard to believe, such as human cloning. Flex says she believes it’s real.

Though animal cloning has been prevalent for years, the topic of cloning humans is obviously more sensitive and political. President Clinton pushed for a ban on human cloning for the public sector, but not for the private sector. To date, eight states prohibit cloning for any purpose, including Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Virginia.

Truth is, cloning humans is occurring for different reasons, such as to harvest organs, for experimental purposes or simply for destruction. There are no federal restrictions on cloning kill, which should send a chill down your spine! Here’s more on the topic with Flex and, as always, use your own judgment.

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Antarctica And Human Cloning

McAllister TV explores the existence of human cloning centers, deep under the ice, in Antarctica. Did Hitler and his top Nazi generals and scientists simply retreat to Antarctica at the close of WWII?

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Human Cloning Centers

McAllisterTV reviews human cloning centers and says they have no doubt existed since World War II. At the minimum, there are underground, methane-filled chambers in which two or three species of lizard creatures can be found. These creatures are now rising up to the surface, embedding themselves into human bodies and taking over their DNA and their brains.

Who are the leaders of the Lizard Monsters? The British Royal Family. That’s according to Donald Marshall, who discusses the Vril, the Reptilians and their cloning centers here.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Donald Marshall interview has disappeared off YouTube and has yet to resurface in the same form om Bitchute. In its absence, here he another McAllister TV video in which she discusses Marshall’s piece, shows some excerpts and gets more deeply into the Vril lizards.)

Epstein Arrest! Child Sacrifices!

McAllister TV covers the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein!!! Child sacrifices!!! Human cloning!!! Panic in Washington DC!!! Here you will get an in-depth look at how cloning centers are making carbon copies of humans, why they are doing it and the genetic consequences. Are what’s produced actual clones or monsters? Find out how celebrities are being “suicided” and replaced by malevolent clones.

A new witness came forward in the 11th hour and is now talking to Horowitz. [JE] has been arrested and the patriots are now cornering the [Deep State]. There is no escape. If you step back and take a look at what is happening you can see the MOAB, and it is about to drop. More from the X22 Report.

Now that Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and charged with trafficking minors, who will be next? Will any of his rich and famous guests be charged as well — from Prince Andrew and president Bill Clinton to actor Kevin Spacey and celebrated scientists. Why did they visit Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands? Were they enticed for sexual experiences with girls as young as 14 years old? Were there also incidents of cannibalism where these elites dined on children? RedPill78 surveys the case.

Also, it appears one of Epstein’s prosecutors will be Maurene Comey, an assistant US Attorney in New York State and the daughter of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.  Uh-oh! On the flip side, Mike Cernovich — who won his case to unseal several closed documents pertaining to Epstein — is now launching a campaign to release closed documents involving Congressional sexual harassment cases.

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Clones Everywhere You Turn

We know scientists have long done experiments with animal clones. But how often do you wonder they have extended the experiments to human clones?

The Nazis were doing clone research at early as a century ago. What about all the Nazi scientists brought to America after WWII?

Did they change directions or simply continue with their clone research? Nowadays, how many celebrities — whether politicians or Hollywood stars — have clones? Do clones sometimes do tours for famous musicians? McAllisterTV covers the cloning (or twinning) issue in this video, along with more on the Vanderbilts, Maggie and Barry, and sundry other pertinent topics.

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