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Creepy Porn Lawyer Sentenced

Michael Avenatti, the so-called Creepy Porn Lawyer, has been sentenced to a jail term of 30 months. It’s hard to jail any Leftists these days, but Avenatti pressed the limits with his attempts to extort Nike. He is best remembered for his frequent CNN appearances and his defense of Stormy Daniels, but the judge in the case says Avenatti went beserk, was “drunk” on his perceived power. More from The Salty Cracker.

Back In Black

Leon Black, the former chief of the Apollo Investment firm, has been embroiled in the life of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. And now, a Russian woman is suing Black on charges he subjected her to sexual torture and used extortion and violence to force her to remain silent about the misdeeds. More from Jamie Dlux.

All Roads Lead To Epstein

Leaked audio that was translated by the Washington Free Beacon exposed Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s threat to “jokingly” kidnap President Obama’s daughter to complete the lucrative nuclear deal. But was it really a joke? This is not the first time that Obama was threatened with his children being kidnapped by the Iranians. The governor of Iran’s Kish Province also pressured Obama in 2013 to lay off Syria or harm would come to his children.

The revelation, which was conveniently omitted by the mainstream media, exposes the length Iran was willing to go through to secure the nuke deal and again demonstrates how children continue to be used by the elite to extort, blackmail and control each other. Says Riss Flex, “Essentially all top Obama Administration officials were partners in crime with Iran.” And it won’t surprise you that leading the corrupt, manipulating heap were Hillary Clinton, John Brennan Leon Panetta and Joe Biden. They all ran in the same circles and all the chicanery traces back and is connected to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In the following video, Riss Flex discusses Iran’s role in the elite pedophile ring, the connection to Epstein and how President Biden is already controlled and blackmailed by Iran.

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Matt Gaetz Sex Allegations

Bombard’s Body Language admits she doesn’t like Matt Gaetz, the Florida Congressman accused of traveling with a 17-year-old girl. Bombard’s reasoning: It’s not the sex charge that gets her riled, but the fact that she considers Gaetz “plastic.”

But here, she does her best to stick with a straightforward body language analysis of Gaetz addressing the charges. They were leaked out by the New York Times, apparently given them by a former Department of Justice official who Gaetz charges with an extortion attempt.


Celebrities Extorting Businesses

Celebrities are pushing a new scam, trying to enlist businesses to invest on the side to get “well health” stickers from a private entity to show they are safety and health-conscience. With celebrities like Robert DeNiro and Chrissy Teigen endorsing these scumbags, undoubtedly they’ll get some takers. But businesses that go this route should be shunned, not trusted. More from Mark Dice.

Noose Tightens On Deep State

Trump and the patriots have set up the [Deep State] from the beginning. The entire plan is now coming into focus. Optics are very important and the [DS] is going to be blindsided when it all starts to go down. They will have no one to blame. No one has ever done this before. It’s not about winning the election. It is about destroying the entire system so this never happens to another president again. What we are witnessing is the power being returned to the people. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we examine the evidence presented by Congressman Matt Gaetz in his extortion case, the great news from Arizona, the blowback on woke capitalism and the failed policies of the Biden Admin resulting in the crisis at the southern border. Parental discretion advised. More from RedPill78.

Matt Gaetz Trafficking Scandal

On today’s episode, we examine YouTube’s newest feature to aide the Biden Admin, President Trump’s newest announcement, the extortion scandal involving Matt Gaetz, the FBI’s reluctance to go after SOME participants of the Jan. 6th siege on the Capitol and more from RedPill78.

Trump has dangled the bait and the [Deep State] grabbed on to it. The other day Trump mentioned Durham and CNN rushed out an article. Trump revealed part of the plan, its about letting the people see the plan of the [DS], the people will be the deciding factor in the end, but Trump did say there is hope. The best is yet to come and what we don’t see is what Trump is doing behind the scenes. More from the X22 Report.

Have Fun!

Michael Avenatti has been charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels. Yes, the beloved icon of MSNBC and CNN is a fraud whose biggest claim to fame is ripping off his clients. More from Mark Dice.

Is there anything left that can be said about Michael Avenatti – that can’t and won’t be used against you in a court of law? More from John Ward.

The Dark Overlord Files

Jason Bermas takes a deep dive into the Dark Overlord files. What are those? Those are files released by a hacker group that did a hatchet job with 9/11, trying to use dirty 9/11 files to work extortion rackets. No doubt, these hackers are dirty, but so are many of the companies and government officials involved in 9/11.

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Bermas also says the Dark Overlord files contain secret testimony, given by none other than James Woods!

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Avenatti: Fraud and Extortion

Michael Avenatti, the “creepy porn lawyer,” is now facing charges of fraud and extortion. The charges involve an alleged attempt to extort up to $25 million from Nike. Styxhexenhammer666 says “I honestly have begun to legitimately feel sorry for him.”

But Mark Dice isn’t feeling the least bit sorry. He’s ecstatic, wishing the “creepy porn lawyer” bye bye. You have to wonder: Which crook will CNN drum up as its next big chronic guest commentator?

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