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Why MLB Moved All-Star Game

No one has this story right. Not even close. Not even… in the same Ballpark.

Commissioner Rob Manfred moved the All Star Game and MLB Draft from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver, Colorado, supposedly because of “Voting Laws” and “Oppression.” With trillions (not a typo) of dollars on the line, the recent Houston Astros World Series cheating scandal, and a cast of characters connected through the New York Mafia all the way back to ancient Rome, I figured I’d tell the REAL story of why Rob Manfred moved the MLB All Star Game… and why no one in the mainstream media will go near it.

More from Jon Ward.

Why The All-Star Game Moved

Brent Pella and AwakenwithJP discuss why MLB moved the All-Star Game. Was it really about punishing Atlanta or rather a case of MLB making a lot more money basing the game in an upper-class, white, Leftist stronghold like Denver?

Democrats Nuked Themselves

Major League Baseball just pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, complaining about Georgia’s new laws aimed at stopping voting fraud and upholding election integrity. We happen to support Georgia’s voter ID efforts. Elections should not be subject to widespread fraud, and settled based on phony ballots hauled into counting centers after midnight.

2020 was the year America saw our elections turn into full-scale Latin American travesties. Several states where President Donald Trump led — Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, among them — all saw dramatic shifts after post-midnight recounts.

This is how elections in Venezuela and Mexico have been settled for many years. It’s not a system rooted in true democracy, but rather outright vote rigging and fraud.

How does MLB figure into this affair? Tim Pool says the baseball league was looking for any excuse to pull out of Atlanta and go to a new site, Denver, Colorado, where the league can reap higher profits. The baseball executives, including MLB’s head charlatan Rob Manfred, are only suceeding in punishing the poor, mostly black residents, of Atlanta, while rewarding a bunch of rich, white, dope smoking counterparts in Colorado.

You can call that social justice. We call it what it is: Chicanery!

Major League Baseball is experiencing a massive backlash as sports fans reject the crass relocation of the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado. You have to wonder if MLB even represents American interests any longer or whether it’s just another woke front for the Chinese, the same as Hollywood and other pro sports leagues, including the NFL and NBA. Many of us are longtime sports fans, but we have had enough. You suppress our rights and play these dirty games, you deserve a monster backlash! More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Dominion VP Is Missing

Dominion Voting Systems Vice-President Eric Coomer has vanished. Nowhere to be found. This on the heels of Dominion coming under scrutiny for election fraud, specifically manipulating votes from one candidate to another. Dominion official also didn’t attend a court hearing in Pennsylvania on November 19, where the State House of Representatives were to question them about voter manipulation.

Former Team Trump legal attorney Sidney Powell, in an interview with Newsmax TV, said Dominion suddenly closed and moved from its headquarters in Toronto. It’s U.S. base in Denver was also closed and employees deleted their names from Linked In and any association with the company. Learn more on the sudden Dominion shutdown in this report from Epoch Times Singapore.

Mystery Of Denver Shooter

The Denver shooter, Matthew Dolloff, was NOT a licensed security guard according to Denver Department of Excise and Licenses, which claims there are NO records of Matthew Dolloff and that he was NOT authorized to carry a weapon. Dolloff is being CHARGED with 1st DEGREE MURDER. I share the evidence as well as my theory and opinion on what happened.

Dolloff is a ‘private security guard’ and CONFIRMED Leftist activist hired by 9News. A known Bernie Bro and Sub.Mission follower, Dolloff fatally shot a conservative Trump supporter named Lee Keltner, at a Patriot Rally (Patriot Muster) and counter protest called the BLM-Antifa Soup Drive. (Antifa and BLM throw the food cans)

9News Blames Pinkerton and Pinkerton blames 9News. Pinkerton contracted the guard but denies directly employing him. Kyle Clark hired Matthew and is a known supporter of Antifa and BLM. Lawsuits seem likely as many things don’t add up. More from Mr. Obvious.

Ramzpaul grew up in Denver, Colo., and has found memories of those days when 9News was at the forefront of local news, a solid and trustworthy outfit. Now, obviously, times have changed. 9NEWS hired a fake security guard, Matthew Dollof, who had potential ties to the Antifa terrorist organization. Matthew Dollof was arrested for 1st degree murder of a Trump supporter.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Colorado, Project Veritas interviews Kristopher Jacks, chairman of Our Revolution and a Democratic Party official in Weld County, outside Denver. Jacks says he’s going to do “everything morally acceptable to win,” including lying, cheating and stealing. He talks of “truly killing random Nazis in the street.” In short, really an ugly and despicable character who ought to be jailed and horsewhipped. If this is the face of the modern Democratic Party, it’s truly a bunch of creeps and losers.

Trump Supporter Executed

A Conservative Trump supporter was SHOT AND KILLED in Downtown Denver by a Antifa and BLM ‘private security guard’ working for and hired by the media after spraying pepper spray. Footage shows a Patriot Rally protestor being shot by a member of the BLM-Antifa Soup Drive. The mainstream media is claiming that the security guard had no ‘ties’ to left wing groups. I have my doubts. They can be seen CELEBRATING after the man dies. Horrible. More from Mr. Obvious.

Styxhexenhammer666 gives us some more of the details surrounding this Denver shooting. Not only was the killer linked to Antifa, but was also a 9News Pinkerton hire. Weird story, says Styx.

Freaky, Creepy Denver Airport

Something new is freaking people out at the Denver Airport. That airport has already been scaring people for years with its bizarre Illuminati artwork and Free Mason architectural designs. Here, Lisa Haven focuses on the latest macabre touch — a talking gargoyle. We always try to bypass the Denver Airport after having to spend a couple of creepy days stranded on the grounds during a freak September snowstorm. Now, we have more reasons to book our passages via other routes and leave Denver to its burgeoning population of potheads.

Here’s the chatty gargoyle. Funny creature, but also smarmy and Satanic. Fits Denver.

Triceratops Skull Found

Construction workers working on the new Public Safety Facility in Thornton, Colo., found a rare triceratops skeleton and skull. Thornton is a suburb of Denver. The triceratops fossils will go on display at the Denver Nature and Science Museum.

Shots Send Potheads Scattering

Gunfire abruptly ended the nation’s largest 4/20 marijuana celebration on Saturday, as a crowd estimated to be upwards of 80,000 dispersed from a downtown Denver park after the shooting began around 5 pm. Two potheads sustained wounds in the dust-up, which some spectators described as being gang-related. Rapper Lil’ Flip was performing at the time of the incident. Police made no arrests but were on the lookout for one or two suspects.

Liberal Loudmouth Pawned

Liberal David Sirota gets schooled by conservative Michael Rosen in the Battle of the Talk Show Hosts in Denver, Colorado. Sirota is the loudmouth who curses like a drunken sailor, but probably couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.  He has his own radio show in Denver and is also (natch) a Democratic political strategist.  Rosen hosts his own show on KOA radio in Denver. H/T Reveal Politics

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