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PeeWee’s Soy Adventure

A soy-boy Lefty tries to destroy the Freedom Convoy, but ends up making it more powerful than ever. More from The Salty Cracker.

Europe Turns On Trudeau

Josh Sigurdson reports that Justin Trudeau’s recent visit to Berlin drew the ire of European politicians, who labeled him a dictator for his attack on free speech and his treatment of the Freedom Convoy truckers. Sigurdson brings us the story, plus the continuing narrative of media manipulation by government.

Ukraine War: Alternative Takes

Amazing Polly turns her attention to the war in Ukraine. She believes the nation is under attack from Russia because Ukraine has been seized by Globalists, including George Soros and his CIA minions. She delves into Canada’s involvement, including its deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland, whose mother was Ukrainian. Freeland’s combative position against the Freedom Convoy truckers stirred much outside debate and disapproval.

Mel K gets details on the Ukraine, Taiwan and other hotspots from Benjamin Fulford, an alternative journalist known for his provocative investigatory reports. Here, Fulford offers evidence that George Soros is dead, saying his children recently split and divided up Soros’ properties and assets, something they wouldn’t have done had he still been alive. If this is the case, obviously, recent Soros statements regarding the Ukraine could be fabricated, as so much of the evidence surrounding the war is false or made up.

Fulford also discusses the nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan. He believes the Rothschilds orchestrated the event to try to force an evacuation of Tokyo, possibly with residents being shuttled over to North Korea.


Justine Trudeau…Do You See It?

Is Justin Trudeau actually male or a female to male transpplant? Here, we see some evidence suggesting Trudeau is a trans-human, Illuminati, gender-inverted Baphomet! Also covered: How to spot a tranny? Otherwise, we get updates on Freedom Convoys in the United States as well as Canada. More from McAllister TV.



Trudeau Ends Emergency Act

Just as quickly as he imposed the Emergency Powers Act, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now ended it. It remains to be seen how quickly arrested protesters will be freed or their bank accounts reinstated.



Democrats Back Fascist Trudeau

A new poll shows 65 percent of Democratic voters in the United States support the violent, fascist steps taken by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to end the Freedom Convoy truckers’ protests. These steps include not only arresting peaceful protesters, but freezing their bank accounts and seizing their trucks.

Frankly, we can’t say we’re shocked. Democrats have shown their colors many times before, and they are not at all red, white and blue patriots. They are quite clearly backstreet thugs and fascists. It’s no surprise they rely on Antifa and Black Lives Matter to push liberal doctrine.

Here, Tim Pool discusses these findings and wonders aloud what it could mean ahead as American truckers mount their own Freedom Convoy to wind its way toward Washington DC in time for Joe Biden’s State of the Union address in early March. Will we see a repeat of the Canadian fascism on American soil?



Trudeau’s Pedo Agenda

While the world is distracted by the Freedom Convoy, Sandy Glaze tells “The Stew Peters Show” that there’s a dark underbelly of a state-backed pedophilia and human trafficking syndicate in Canada, enabled directly by Justin Trudeau and his friends in Ottawa.

Host Stew Peters brings us the details and also reports on the totalitarian way Canada and Australia are handling Covid protestors, and talks to Duke of Hazard’s star John Schneider about the changing tides in American culture.

Trudeau’s Covid Aid Scandal

News report in India underscore a vast covid aid scandal across Canada, involving Justin Trudeau. Meanwhile, an entire generation of children have been traumatized. How can evil people get away with this? It is time for patriots to fight back and bring down those who are evil. Pray! More from And We Know.

In Toronto, Freedom Convoy supporters marched. They filled the streets to express their disapproval of Justin Trudeau and his fascist government. More from Steve Turley.

UN Troops In Canada

Reports are coming in from all over Canada that United Nations troops are on the ground and may have been the most brutal abusers of the peaceful protesters in Ottawa. Worry grows as authorities claim they intend to prosecute all Canadian citizens who participated in the protests. More from RedPill78.

Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie shot point blank by police while covering live in Ottawa. Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant has spoken with Alexa and with legal counsel. We will sue the police on Alexa’s behalf.

Justin Trudeau and the Ottawa police are creating more protests around the world! The Freedom protests are also spreading across Canada at warp speed! Trudeau calls in the United Nations army and fake police, who have no authority to do what they are doing! Canadians keep sperading love and light! The whole world follows! This is the Great Awakening. More from McAllister TV.

Stay Frosty

Sebastian Gorka talks about the Truckers vs. Trudeau saga in Canada.

Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes has called out Trudeau as a “tyrant” and a “dictator,”and says he needs to stop acting like “a master to slaves.” Expect more condemnations to follow as the sheer audacity and premeditated quality of Trudeau’s police state becomes clear.

Trudeau In a Pas de Deux with his Idol.

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