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Epstein’s Shady Property Deals

For years, Jeffrey Epstein’s massive real estate portfolio has been cloaked in secrecy, with the exception of a nugget of info here and there. There are his incredible mansions in New York City, Palm Beach, Florida, New Mexico and Paris, and islands–yes, whole islands–in the Caribbean, that we know little about.

YouTube blogger John Williams reveals some shocking details that the recent Netflix documentary on Epstein and many mainstream media outlets have refused to disclose in their reporting. Take his New York apartment, the largest in the city that sits in one of the most fashionable blocks on the Upper East Side. The building was purchased by billionaire Les Wexner for $13.2 million and later sold to Epstein for $10 in 2011! Eight years later, the property was valued at $77 million. What? Something’s fishy in Gotham.

Then there’s the curious Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, about 40 miles south of Santa Fe. Epstein originally purchased 7,500 acres in the area, but expanded to 10,000 acres soon after. Since Epstein’s arrest, incarceration and demise, there has been no known raid or further investigation into the property.

And there are the two islands just outside of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Epstein purchased 78-acre Little St. James Island–the most notorious of the two–for $7.95 million in 1998, where he flew guests in and out in one of his two private jets. Williams reports that this property wasn’t grand enough for Epstein and he bought Great St. James Island next door in 2016 for $18 million. His intentions were to develop the property, but he was issued a stop-work order by authorities due to environmental issues, which he ignored. And take a wild guess who his next door neighbor was? Joe Biden and family on Water Island!

Williams gives us more details and opines on how Epstein attained his lofty status in this episode of ThisisJohnWilliams.

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So why have Disney Cruise Line ships been stopping at Little St. James Island? Also, this In Pursuit of Truth video details Epstein’s deal with New York real estate titan Andrew Farkas to purchase interest in a small marina at St. Thomas — not far from Little St. James Island — so Epstein could service the luxury yachts coming over to his island. Farkas has been active in the Hasty Pudding Club and one of the primary financial supporters of Andrew Cuomo. Otherwise, In Pursuit of Truth reviews President Donald Trump’s appearance on the Hannity Show and does some analysis of the latest Q posts.

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