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Have Sex With Transwomen

It’s like we’re in a time machine traveling back to 1932. We have a disabled president and we’re facing another Great Depression. Says FreedomToons, “I react to left wing TikToks and- oh… oh my goodness. no… no.

This Is What They’re Hiding!

NASA is rooted in the occult. THESE are the entities the founders of NASA believed in and channeled, and this is what is still being hidden to this very day. Filmmaker Justen Faull joins me for this gripping discussion which was recorded in 2019 and since has been mostly scrubbed from the internet. More from the SGTReport.

This is part two of my interview with Justen Faull about interdimensional demonic entities and the alien deception. THIS is the REAL disclosure. More from the SGTReport.

Snarky: Cognitive Dissonance!

More Event Intel! Cognitive Dissonance! The Pineal Gland!  Cymatics — the study of how sound affects matter! Hospital arrests in the future? Time Travelers and more from McAllister TV.

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