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Time Travel Aided U.S. In WW II

According to legendary Montauk Project whistleblower, Al Bielek, the United States first discovered time travel technology in 1936 and was given assistance from the future to win World War II.

In this edition of Exopolitics Today, host Dr. Michael Salla details startling information, revealing how extraterrestrials intervened in human affairs and revisits the discovery of a submerged Atlantean crystal in the Bermuda Triangle. The video also includes a clip from an archive recording of Bielek’s testimony on how he learned about the use time-travel technology during World War II. Here’s more, courtesy of Reiki Power. As always, research the material for yourself and use your own discernment.

Time To Overthrow The Demons

Thisnis the year we take back the House and Senate, and send the Democrats to Hell! Evil surrounds us. They are preying upon our children, our elderly and those of us unable to defend themselves. We must fight these Demons and dismantle their wicked government. Pray! More from And We Know.

We’re fighting the Deep State on multiple fronts now, much like World War II, where the Allied forces simultaneously fought Adolf Hitler and his European cronies, as well as the Japanese across Asia and the Pacific. That’s the assessment of former CIA Officer Michael Jaco, appearing with Nicholas Veniamin. While we are winning this war, we still can face setbacks, and lose side battles, so it’s premature to say how long the fighting will continue.

Signs of advancement include the acquisition of Twitter and the breakout of more journalists, such as Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson on Fox News, who are beginning to repeat more freely on conditions around the world. At the same time, we see the Deep State preparing another round of skirmishes. Will we be placed under lockdown once again, as some new phony disease spreads from Communist China? How about freak “accidents’ involving floods or man-made forest fires? In other words, major storms will be coming.

Weimar & World War, Too

After a long absence, Sir Patrick Mack returns with a gem — Weimar & World War, Too, the fourth installment in his series POP: Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule. This installment is well worth the wait.

Still, we are running it on a Sunday, a day where you might have extra time to relax and digest a lot of information. This video runs over two hours. You don’t have to watch it in one sitting, but you might find yourself inclined to do so. It’s that good!

Here, you’ll learn about mass starvation across Ukraine in the early 1930s, a famine used by Josef Stalin to control the population and punish his enemies. You’ll learn about the Committee on Public Information, the first large-scale organization in the United States involved in disseminating propaganda — a group that pushed the Red Cross.

Here, you’ll see how countries got carved up, or reconstituted, or created afresh, in an attempt to provide a new homeland for the Jewish people or others across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Most of all, you’ll get a sense of how Weimar Germany led to Nazi Germany, and the rise of Adolf Hitler. It’s complicated, requires a fair amount of attention and sorting through history, but in the end, you’ll leave much wiser about the state of the world.


Why We Fight: Part II

In the second installment to the Why We Fight series, Black Pigeon Speaks once again looks back on World War II. Only here, he’s exploring the legacy of the United States and its fight against Adolf Hitler. The title of this video installment: The U.S. Vs. The Evildoers.

Why We Fight

Here is a look back at World War II, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the Americans’ decision to enter the war and fight back. This is part one of a new video series by Black Pigeon Speaks. We will bring you the second video, turning its focus on Adolf Hitler, later this week.

Global Cabal On Shaky Ground

David Wilcock tells Mike Adams that the global cabal will be taken down ahead of the November midterms election. Wilcock also begins to reveal secrets surrounding the Cabal that have been hidden from the public.

We get a glimpse of efforts that have been taken to derail the Illuminati across America, beginning in the immediate post-World War II days. Was Howard Hughes an eccentric patriot?

One World Or None

Major central bank gold transfers precipitate WWII, fueling tragedy and destruction, while cataclysm re-emerges as a world ordered and denominated in dollars. Exit gold. Here’s another chapter in The Trust Game, relating the hidden history of the Federal Reserve, from Truthstream Media.

The Road To Manzanar

The story of an American internment camp. More than 100,000 Japanese Americans were held at this camp during World War II, approximately 230 miles north of Los Angeles. More from Truthstream Media.

Germany’s Fourth Reich

Addressing a German audience, Simon Parkes opens a Q&A session with a stunner, revealing the origin of the Fourth Reich following World War II.

He says the history books  tell us that Germany lost World War II in terms of bullets and bombs, but he contends it didn’t lose the war in terms of secret government, which was transported to America and other countries. Meanwhile, Parkes says, America was desperate for the secrets and holdings that the Third Reich had developed and didn’t stand in the way of a small group of Germans and others forming a Fourth Reich, which didn’t want to bring Hitler back, but wanted to preserve the culture, concept and values they created.

Parkes elaborates on the formation of the Fourth Reich and its influence in today’s world and America’s gain of German secrets, including non-terrestrial technology, among other topics, in this edition of Chembuster.

Bush Family Backed The Nazis

The true history of the Bush family, George H.W. Bush and the role his family played in WWII. What QAnon has been trying to tell us and how it connects to the State of the Union. What a Story! More from TestingtheNarrative.

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