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All-Seeing Eye Of Ancient Giants

Many cultures around the world, such as the ancient Mesoamericans and classical Greeks, told stories of giants, describing them as a flesh-and-blood race who lived and died–and whose bones could be found in the ground where they were buried long ago. Many discoveries of people with an unusually large stature were documented in ancient mounds and published in newspapers. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Proof The Left Can’t Meme

Now we have new proof that the Left can’t meme. These jackasses have their heads out of whack after U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, produced an anime meme featuring an attack on an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez titan. The Leftoids got triggered and suffered their meltdown on Twitter, where these twisted libertines often go to gnash and wail.

Already, Nancy Pelosi is demanding a criminal investigation of the meme. Someone should remind that ugly hag that political punditry is protected under the Bill of rights and American Constitution. More from Mr. Obvious.

When The Atlanteans Attacked

In Greek mythology the Titanomachy, or War of the Titans, was the ten-year series of battles that were fought in between the two camps of deities long before the existence of modern mankind: the Titans of Atlantis versus the Olympian Gods and their allies. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.


Atlantis And Antediluvian Times

Over 2,000 years ago, a wise Egyptian priest named Sonchis told a respected Greek statesman, Solon, about a spectacular legend recorded on stone, translated to Greek from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, about powerful sea-faring empires, massive global cataclysms, and a great war of the Titans.

Atlantis was the island said to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean, probably located near the present-day Azores Islands, mentioned in Plato’s works Timaeus and Critias, a story in which Athens repels the Atlantean invasion of the Mediterranean, Europe, and North Africa. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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In Search Of Titans

SGTReport veers into long-ago history, exploring the geology of the Earth to find traces of the giants and titans referred to in the Book of Enoch. This is a book that once was part of the Bible, but has been removed from most versions. It’s quite a fascinating trove of ancient lore as well as apocalyptic glimpses into the future.

The Prometheus Project

Have you ever heard of the Prometheus Project? That was a project undertaken by NASA in 2003 to develop nuclear-powered systems for long-duration space missions. It was named after the wisest of the Titans in Greek mythology who gave the gift of fire to humans. The Prometheus Project was short-lived, scuttled in 2005. Here, Truthstream Media brings us up to date on the ill-fated project.

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This is the 108th Spitting Truth with Titus Live show! This is my weekly live research show, where we go deep into the night and deep into research mode. This week’s main focus is the secret space program and Nikola Tesla’s ether and what the Electric Universe tells us about the our reality. It’s a four-hour-plus broadcast — so there’s plenty here to explore and sink your teeth into. Watch it piecemeal or, if you’re curious and courageous, in its entirety. Whatever, dive right ahead!



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