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All-Seeing Eye Of Ancient Giants

Many cultures around the world, such as the ancient Mesoamericans and classical Greeks, told stories of giants, describing them as a flesh-and-blood race who lived and died–and whose bones could be found in the ground where they were buried long ago. Many discoveries of people with an unusually large stature were documented in ancient mounds and published in newspapers. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

God In A Nutshell

Let’s revisit the Garden of Eden, the Flood with Noah, and other Biblical stories to get a picture of the eternal struggle between God and Satan. This is a struggle that continues to this day, after dividing populations in most of the ancient civilizations of antiquity — including Sumeria, Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome.

Author and documentary filmmaker Trey Smith created this work, which we present in two parts.

Here, he touches on God’s prohibition against child sacrifice, and how the minions of Satan continue to abuse this edict. Not only does he draw from the Bible, but also the lost books of the Bible — books the Satanists have tried to hide or obliterate so we do not understand who they are and how they operate.



Ancient Greek Flood Myths

Great flood tales appear in many different Greek and Roman documents, such as Hesiod’s The Theogony from the 8th century BC, Plato’s Timeaus from the 5th century BC, Aristotle’s Meteorology from 4th century BC, and many others. Many scholars believe that the various versions were all of a single ancient flood, similar to the Biblical story of Noah, that affected the Mediterranean region in ancient times. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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Semiramis in the Bible

This clip explores the role that the Pagan Mother Goddess Semiramis has been playing ever since the time after the Great Flood of Noah.

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Biblical Miracles Explained

We’re all fascinated by the miracles documented in the Bible. But many believe these mysterious phenomenons can actually be explained by science. Ten of these popular miracles, including the parting of the Red Sea and the 10 Plagues of Egypt, are featured in this edition of Alltime 10s. You be the judge.

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Hollywood Rediscovers Religion

Biblical epics, largely absent from the screen for the past few decades, now look poised to make a comeback. A $125 million retelling of the story of Noah, starring Russell Crowe, will pave the way in 2014. But several other Biblical-themed pictures are in the works, including two competing Moses dramas and a new biopic on the Virgin Mary. Erica Orden from the Wall Street Journal shares the details.

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