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Josef Stalin Would Be Proud

Stalin would be proud: the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) calls for a “transformation of our food system” (echoing Rockefeller words) and forgives loans ONLY to black farmers. The grain crisis will justify this transformation of the world food supply as a global communist superstate is unveiled. Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Mr. Monsanto: Back In Action

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates
  • Story #2: Biden’s Handlers Pick “Mr. Monsanto” Tom Vilsack to Head the USDA. Vilsack is so-named because as U.S. Department of Agriculture chief under Barack Obama, he supported more genetically modified foods than any USDA chief in history.
  • Story #3: “I Am Open” – 50,000 Italian Restaurant Owners Plan to Ignore Lockdown

China Is Eating Our Lunch

Other countries are protecting their food supplies. Argentina, Russia, and Ukraine have all stopped exporting to be able to feed their people. Yet the United States of America continues to export hand-over-fist to China — based on the data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. How is this happening? Who is in control? Christian Westbrook asks some hard questions tonight on this troubling Ice Age Farmer broadcast — and the answers demand that we start growing food immediately.

News of lopsided China food trade comes as we learn that Bill Gates is the single largest owner of American farmlands. So Gates not only controls our computer system but also our food supply, having amassed 240,000 acres.  His influence in the world food systems is astounding. What can we expect he will do with this inconceivable amount of control over the world’s food supply? Christian Westbrook takes a deep look at the investments, motivations and goals of the new #1 owner of our farms on this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Agriculture Losses Intensify

With the totals from the U.S. Department of Agriculture as 3% of Spring Wheat planted vs 25% in the 30 year average, and corn at 5% vs 16% for the average and descriptions as “despicable” and a “snail’s pace” for planting along with cold damage and drought across the central U.S. states they have described it as the “most stress” a wheat crop can handle. Adapt2030 has included a full timeline for crop losses moving forward to 2025 and this week’s incredible lack of planting. If this video doesn’t not wake you up, nothing will.

Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming

Lab-grown meat is coming soon to a supermarket near you. The result: You will be able to eat meat without any animals being killed. Sounds like something good, but the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association petitioned the U.S. Department of Agriculture to declare that “meat” and “beef” exclude products not “slaughtered in the traditional manner.” So, the ranchers are fighting back.


The Federal Raisin Robbers

Raisin farmers in America face an implacable enemy — the federal government, though the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) — which annually confiscates 47 percent of the raisin crop without reimbursing the farmers. The bizarre, antiquated and patently unfair practice is leading many of these farmers to financial ruin, but now they are banding together to fight back. Reason.TV reports.

It’s Monday! Go Meatless!

Fox and Friends reports on a U.S. Department of Agriculture newsletter that encourages employees to go meatless every Monday on the grounds that raising cattle, chickens, sheep and other animals can cause global warming. You’d think that the USDA would be duty-bound to promote US livestock, but apparently, pop stars like Paul McCartney and Moby have been pushing the “Meatless Monday” meme for a few years, so it’s now gaining traction among the subalterns within the rank and file of the federal bureaucracy.

We say: It’s high time to plant a counter-meme. If the planet’s heating up, come Tuesday, go topless. H/T small dead animals

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