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Why You Should Turn Off Netflix

From Sigmund Freud to Edward Bernays to Marc Bernays Randolph, the anti-human propaganda agenda continues on in the modern era. Marc Bernys Randolph was the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix. Freud was Randolph’s great grand-uncle, as was Bernys, the pioneer in the field of propaganda. More from Banned.Video in a video called The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix.



Triggered By Childhood Trauma

Were Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell unwittingly drawn to each other through traumatic abuse during their childhoods? Appearing on the Shaun Attwood podcast, Richard Brannon, a life coach and psychologist based in the United Kingdom, believes it’s almost certainly a possibility.

Attwood says that in an earlier interview with British investigative journalist John Sweeney, he learned that Maxwell grew up in fear of her dominant father, Robert Maxwell, a giant in British media and a suspected spy, who dealt out corporal punishment for her misdeeds. Sweeney says that when Father Maxwell was disciplining her, she had a choice of belts with which she was going to get whipped. Books were found by authorities on the Maxwell property, such as Story Of O, an erotic French novel, and a BDSM-type manual (a variety of erotic practices involving bondage, submission and sadomasochism). Sweeney’s thoughts were this BDSM streak was laid down as part of the corporal punishment.

As for Epstein, the details of his childhood are foggy. Brannon says, “Things will have happened to him in his childhood, I’m sure, that would have activated parts of him that would have otherwise lain dormant and turned him into the monster that he became.” He added that these stories reminded him of similar abuse Michael Jackson suffered at the hands of his father.

Here more’s with Attwood and Brannon, who also deepen their analysis, discussing whether two people with the same psychopathic and narcissistic traits actually united their energies to create such evil.


Dreams You Shouldn’t Ignore

Ancient Egyptians firmly believed that divine revelations came from dreams in which you could find all the answers to your worries and gain wisdom. Legendary neurologist Sigmund Freud theorized that dreams can reflect all your inner worries and fears and give you certain warnings. So, do dreams really have meaning? Bright Side tackles the subject in the following episode.

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Internet As A Battlefield

“HOW THE INTERNET BECAME A BATTLEFIELD” is a mini-documentary meant for educational purposes, except that one little thing I said about Cass Sunstein, which was not educational. More from Really Graceful.

Psychic Abilities

This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in 2013, but TED pulled their support when they learned about the subjects, The speaker, Russell Targ, discusses psychic abilities and such topics as “Is ESP real?” He gets into research funded by the CIA.

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Here’s a related video on dream telepathy. That is the purported ability to communicate telepathically with another person while one is dreaming. The first person in modern times to document telepathic dreaming was Sigmund Freud. An out-of-body experience is an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside their physical body. More from Robert Sepehr on the Atlantean Gardens.

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The Science of Dreaming

Why are dreams so weird? Are they always sexually motivated as Sigmund Freud believed? In a new episode of SciShow, Hank Green delves into the science behind dreams and says they aren’t as disjointed or disconnected from our waking life as we might think. Through dreams, our mind draws connections and creates narratives for our emotions. Dreams also can help us solve problems, from prosaic tasks like assembling puzzles to more complex mental acrobatics.

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