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Obama’s Dirty Iran Deal

Alan Howell Parrot, CIA whistleblower, tells Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, killed in Benghazi, that Barack Obama and Joe Biden sent Iran $152 billion as a coverup for the deaths of Seal Team 6. The members of the team were murdered in an effort to hide the truth: That they had not killed Osama Bin Laden, but a double masquerading as the terrorist. This might sound like a bizarre and convoluted conspiracy theory, but Parrot, a falconer, says that all of the proof will come out: documents and audio.

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Some might remember Parrot from the 2010 documentary Feathered Cocaine. It introduced his role as the first person to ever legally catch, breed and sell wild Jer Falcons — or Icelandic Falcons — considered to be a flawless and genetically pure falcon. It’s a breed that can cost up to $1 million per bird.

Parrot became so proficient at falconry that he was hired by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  But this Sikh convert paid a price: He was captured twice and imprisoned in Mongolia as well as Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. “I’ve had nine bones broken, and lost an inch in height — which is not entirely bad because I can just tie the turban an inch higher,” he says.

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Mysteries of Ancient China

Measuring more than 1,000 miles from southwest to northeast and 500 miles from north to south, the Gobi is a vast desert in Asia, spanning from northern China to southern Mongolia. Following major cataclysms that left the desert in its current condition, the ancient inhabitants said to have taken refuge in underground cities, which they had terraformed inside of gigantic natural caves and subterranean caverns. More from Robert Sepehr.

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Animals Back from Extinction

Here are 10 animal species, once poised on the brink of extinction, but now flourishing once again. The species include takhis, a wild horse from Mongolia, and the sea-dwelling Coelacanths.

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Black Market in Dinosaur Bones

Drug smuggling and the underground trade in human organs might generate more headlines, but now the Feds have busted a more clandestine black market, involving the sale of dinosaur bones, smuggled into the United States and Europe from Mongolia. A Florida man has been apprehended on charges of transporting and selling the bones and related fossils. H/T SourceFed

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Racing Giant Yaks in Mongolia

In the Mongolian answer to a rodeo, weather-worn cowboys compete in an annual yak race, riding herd over gigantic, long-horned steeds across an open countryside totally devoid of trees. Vice reporter Royce Akers films the races, and introduces the Mongolian nomads who depend on yaks for their livelihood. More from Vice.

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World of Beers X

On tap tonight: Old Czech, Mongolia.

The punchline here is recycled from an Australian beer commercial, but we thought it would be more fun, and exotic, to show the Mongolian variation. Who knew they stocked their yurts with beer?

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OK, since you’ve all been such loyal readers, we give you double-fisted action tonight — the original version as well, hawking Toohey’s Beer in Australia.

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