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U.S. Iraqi Embassy Under Siege

Almost a year to the day after the United States pulled out of Afghanistan, the American presence is tottering in Iraq. Armed insurgents have stormed into the Green Zone in Baghdad — the region of the city hosting most of the diplomatic quarters, including the billion-dollar American embassy. Now, helicopters are airlifting State Department personnel from the grounds, recalling the abandonment that occurred in Afghanistan.

“This is another black eye for the Biden administration,” says former CIA agent Michael Jaco, discussing the dicey situation with Nicholas Veniamin on the NVTC channel. Jaco sees growing violence, saying, “it’s just one crap show after another with this administration.”


The [Deep State] better beware. The tide is turning. No longer a conspiracy. The truth=Trump won. Pure evil: The abuse of power. An interview with Peter Navarro, assistant to  President Donald Trump. More from And We Know.

Trump: The True President

Peter Navarro is an economist and professor of business. He was appointed by President Trump on Dec. 21, 2016, to head the National Trade Council.

Peter begins the conversation talking about inflation and the economy. The Biden Administration has caused the problem and we need to remove these people from office before they destroy the country. The economy can be repaired. History will show that the [Deep State] cheated in the election and that Trump was the true President of the US.

Satanists Discount Human Life

The issue is not guns. It’s the human heart. The Satanic culture they push does not value human life.  Also in this issue: The January 6th hoax, the arrest of Peter Navarro, Biden’s crimes, border invasion, gender confusion and more from And We Know.

Today I take you on a journey through failure, the failing agenda of the Democrats that is. These are some excellent reasons why Americans are standing More from RedPill78.

Another Trump Advisor Arrested

The fake, illegally constituted January 6th Select Committee takes another political prisoner in America’s scary new landscape with the arrest and indictment of Peter Navarro. An economist and author, Navarro served as an assistant to President Donald Trump, as well as director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Devin Nunes, the current CEO of Truth Social, says the Department of Justice going after Peter Navarro is “Nazi-style Stalinist crap.”  We’d call that an accurate assessment of the fake President Joe Biden and his Fascist regime.

Arizona Audit Near Completion

Mark Finchem, a member of the Arizona House of Reprensentatives, says the last box of ballots in the Maricopa County forensic audit was slammed shut last Friday, completing the paper-evaluation phase of the process. He says we may see a preliminary report early this week, which details the accuracy of the number of certified ballots.

Next on the audit agenda are the forensic images and ballot findings, followed by the software and equipment review. Unfortunately, the audit team is still lacking the subpoenaed routers, logs and passwords of the Dominion voting machines, so litigation is expected in order to obtain that information. Finchem joins former Trump Administration official Peter Navarro and host Steve Bannon to discuss the audit on “Real America’s Voice,” courtesy of Just The News.

Three Indictments Guaranteed

Peter Navarro, former assistant to President Trump, succinctly guarantees there will be at least three indictments in the Russian Collusion Scandal. Equally as important from John “Bull” Durham, he says, there are going to be people that are going to be forced to leave the FBI because of their complicity in what happened. “This is a scandal that really attacked democracy at its roots, with a coup d’etat attempted at a president that hadn’t even been elected.”

Newly released FBI documents also reveal that Navarro was himself a target of the Russiagate probe. He tells us why and more during this appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures,” with Bartiromo.” The video is courtesy of Robert David Steele #UNRIG

Amnesty For ISIS Fighters

When you think the Left can’t get any worse, dumber or psychotic, think again. In a stunning turn of events, fake President-elect Joe Biden now is proposing amnesty and U.S. citizenship for all ISIS freedom fighters. You just can’t make this stuff up.

What we’re witnessing in this new era of the radical Left is what life would be like being run by psychos. Says Martin Brodel, “For years, I called them a bunch of psychotic sociopaths. But now even some on the Left are starting to wake up and say, ‘These people really are nuts.'”

In the following news round-up, Brodel also reports on GOP rising superstar Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota, who is fighting for Down Syndrome newborns, Peter Navarro and the release of more mind-blowing evidence of Democrat voter fraud and a military industrial complex unveiling laser-equipped strikers for futuristic combat.

Fauci, Navarro Trade Barbs

Reports surfaced on Monday that Trump aide Peter Navarro and Dr. Anthony Fauci traded barbs over the therapeutic efficacy of the drug hydoxychloroquine in treating COVID-19 patients. The standoff, which occurred in the White House Situation Room during a coronavirus task force meeting, drew heated responses from both parties on whether the 29 million chloroquine tablets now stored in FEMA warehouses should be distributed into the hot  zones. Navarro, appearing on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” also discusses the implentation of the Defense Production Act and reports that the United States is considering suing China over the hoarding of masks produced by 3M.

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