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Biden Gutting US Energy Supply

Joe Biden and his administration are in the process of destroying multiple U.S. energy sectors and the energy independence of our nation which was achieved under President Donald J. Trump. This is horrible news, and we should do everything in our power to reverse it, but in line with that, there is one energy sector which is poised to profit from Joe’s NWO “green dreams”. CEO Scott Melbye joins me to discuss.

Jordan Sather is back with another Accordin’ To Jordan update. Here, he reacts to the HBO Q finale, as well as the clickb8 surrounding the Navy Seals and the Suez Canal incident. Also, Sather gets into the Matt Gaetz scandal, CLO2 and voter ID backlash.

The Biden Remorse Is Mounting

You were warned what he was. More from RazorFist.

Biden suspended Trump’s Executive Order barring foreign nations from interfering with US power Grid – specifically China – for 90 days without explanation. Then “suddenly” Texas loses power.

Must be a coincidence….Oh and who warned of a “dark Winter” again? Exactly which nation does Joe Biden represent — China or the United States? More from TruthVideos1984.

Biden’s Big Red Army Of Soy

Now that Beijing Biden has murdered our energy independence and what remains of our economy, he’s turned his attention to taking our guns and destroying the military. Ride and roast as Popp and Wake tool around the haunts of Royal Oak, Michigan. Thankfully, they have a car, not yet a soy mobile. More from Redonkulas.

Red Flag? Part 1

Who’s really calling the shots in Joe Biden’s America? Here’s a rundown of how nearly all of Biden’s policies are designed to reduce America’s independence and influence, while increasing the stranglehold over our nation by the Communist Chinese. Energy independence is the key battleground, but also the food, clothing and households goods marketplaces, as well as esoteric markets like those for rare earth elements or the American power grid. Here, you will learn about each of these markets, as well as China’s brutal treatment of its minority populations including the Tibetans and Uyghur Muslims. A second part is promised soon. More from Man in America.

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