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Evil Plans Shared At Davos

The monsters at the World Economic Forum reveal their plans! It’s a totalitarian world they envision, where everyday citizens are stripped of their rights and their freedoms. Here in the United States, election season is swinging to the forefront. Guns will be a central issue of debate, along with race and babies! Also monkeys! Pray! More from And We Know.

James Roguski returns to SGT Report with a call to action for all Patriots. The rats are scurrying as Americans wake up to the Biden administration and the W.H.O.’s treachery.

Are Animals Getting Offended?

Do you call people “chicken,” “rats,” or “pigs?” PETA says animals are getting offended. Which raises the question: Are we getting dumber? More from AwakenWithJP.

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Congress: A Den Of Vipers

Just how wicked and deceitful are the members of Congress? Are they just dirty politicians or actually not much different than mobsters and street criminals? Let’s revisit the last State of the Union address and see. An expert lip reader, The Gunner’s Wife, zeroes in on the conversations being shared by Democratic Senators and House members as they await President Donald Trump’s address last February.

What are these elected officials discussing? Plots to kill the president, including by surprise assaults and administering poisons. Also discussed: The effects of drinking adrenochrome, taken from the blood of tortured and abused children. Some of these congressional officers are drunk. Many of them are far worse: Simply diabolical fiends who should have been exposed and rounded up years ago.

Unfortunately, it’s become quite apparent we do not have legitimate law enforcement in the United States, nor an honest mainstream media. As The Gunner’s Wife sums it up, “Decoded conversations of twisted plots, shocking confessions, unbelievably teaming from both sides, now we know why nothing ever gets done unless it benefits the dirty swamp & it’s overpaid dwellers! They work together alright, against the people!”

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The Gunner’s Wife actually did a full three-part series on the SOTU comments. Above, we presented Part 2, which we considered the most revealing. But for those of you wanting all three video lip sync dissections, here are parts 1 and 3 as well.

Video 1 is titled What They Said! Caught Conversations Decoded! Shocking Exchanges 2020 State of the Union Speech.

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Video 3 is titled A Poison Environment of General Betrayal.

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Ready To Be Part Of History?

The President wants us all to stay home. Not only to stem the spread of the coronavirus but also so we do not become targets for the deranged Deep State. Here, And We Know delves into the story behind the pandemic: the part of the story that the Leftist news media hides, namely, the fight to free the children being held in underground lairs by Satanic demons. We must pray for these children. We must hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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The [Deep State] is now pushing their 16-year plan. Ditto the United Nations. They believe they have the upperhand. They are getting what they want, but they are mistaken. This will all come back at them. The mission is underway. The military has launched and operators are going deep to route out the invisible enemy. More from the X22 Report.

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McAllister TV says dying and wounded children are being rescued worldwide. More reports are surfacing. Some of these kids are babies, yet they have been abused severely. Some to the point where they will remain permanently crippled. All the booms people are hearing: Are they earthquakes or rescue explosions? When Q said C before D, could that mean “Children” before “Declass?”

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The Planned Demonic and Things that Don’t Add Up!  Between the President’s official statements, the reports on the ground and the Cue posts, something’s happening. Let’s look at the things that don’t add up with the official story and what’s going on behind the scenes. More from Lori Colley.

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Shifty Adam Schiff is at it again. And Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases a new report: The FBI committed fraud on every one of its FISA warrants. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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CNN and Cummings Exposed!

Thank you CNN for your latest laughable attack against the President. More from David Harris Jr.

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Victor Blackwell, a black CNN anchor and Baltimore native, took personal offense to Donald Trump’s tweets about his hometown. It appears as if the word “infested” that Trump used to describe Baltimore’s rodent problem struck Blackwell to his core. He went on about a 4 or 5 minute rant about how “racist” Trump’s words were. Blackwell also linked this “attack” to other members of Congress that happen to be “people of color” for what appears to be “evidence” of Trump’s “racism.”

The reality here is that Donald Trump told the truth about Baltimore. Sometimes the truth is ugly and when it’s ugly, it usually hurts. If a person lies, that lie is less likely to cause a person pain to the point where they lose their composure and “cry” on air like Victor Blackwell did. Black residents of the particular part of Baltimore that Trump was referring to – Elijah Cummings district – agreed with what Trump said and did not think it was racist. They appreciate someone actually taking notice rather than trying to sweep the problem under the rug as most politicians in Maryland do. More from Anthony Brian Logan.

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Paul Joseph Watson dives into the rat-infested mess. Orange man still bad.

Here’s why Trump’s comments about Baltimore were BOTH true and politically brilliant! More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Baltimore: One of America’s worst places to live. Crime, pollution and lots of rats holding their political offices for far too long! #Trump #Baltimore #WeAreBaltimore. More from Zeducation.

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Life in Medieval Castles

Despite what pop culture might have you believe, living in a medieval castle wasn’t all that glamorous. If you were one of the lucky ruling class, you got some wine or the occasional hot bath. But with the lack of plumbing, castles smelled pretty ripe. Not to mention rats. So many rats. Today we’re getting real about what living in a medieval castle was like, and it’s not that pretty. More from Weird History.

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Naked Mole Rats & Cancer

Naked mole rats, the butt of many jokes, those pale ugly subterranean rodents, might just hold a new key to cancer research. Alex Dainis of Bite Sci-zed explains.

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Chocolate: The Best Medicine

Innovative research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has shown that a combination of neurotransmitters and electrical stimulation can restore movement to the lower limbs of previously paralyzed rats. But in order for this motion to be made voluntarily the rats must be motivated to walk. This motivation comes in the form of cheering, visual cues, and of course, chocolate. H/T Veritasium

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