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Cleaning Up New Mexico

Riss Flex reports that there appears to be more to the devastating northern New Mexico fires than meets the eye. The blazes burned hundreds of thousands of acres, primarily near the Las Vegas and Mora communities, not to mention destroying hundreds of homes and displacing many residents.

Flex says that not only did the fires emanate from a controlled burn by the U.S. Forest Service, they were also set in Calf Canyon, which contains the largest cattle ranches in the country. She notes the seemingly nefarious connection to the globalists’ Great Reset narrative of discouraging meat diets in favor of eating insects, while they also scarf up farmland at an alarming rate.

Flex digs deeply into the property owners of the area–two who owned large ranches and the other a proprietor of a Hollywood movie set. All three owners–Dr. Henry Singleton and Max Lee Kiehne, who have since died, and Tom Ford, were major Democrat Party donors. In another suspicious twist to the story, all three properties border Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch. Is there a sinister connection lurking? Here’s Flex with more and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Transhuman/Baphomet Agenda

They have been here for a long time pushing their transhuman, demonic, Baphomet agenda! Fashion! Film! Television! Medicine! Education! There’s nothing they haven’t tainted with their demonic bloodlust! More revelations to come. The sheep won’t be ready! We tried to tell them! Viewer mail! More from McAllister TV,

Epstein/Maxwell At Zorro Ranch

With the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking saga dominating the news cycle in the last couple of weeks, the Zorro Ranch connection to the tale has been mysteriously swept under the rug. The Zorro Ranch is the exclusive 33,000-acre-plus resort in rural Stanley, N.M., that billionaire financier Epstein built on property he leased from the state beginning in the early 1990s. Located 23 miles southeast of Santa Fe, the Zorro Ranch was one of Epstein’s primary “playgrounds,” where he threw elaborate soirees for the rich, famous and political elite, and where he allegedly trafficked under-aged girls.

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, was arrested for sex trafficking minors in New York and Florida in July 2019, before allegedly committing suicide in jail the following August. While Epstein’s properties in New York, Palm Beach, Fla., and Little St. James Island in the Caribbean have been seized and combed through by authorities, the Zorro Ranch has been left untouched.

Eddy Aragon, CEO of Rock of Talk LLC, which owns ABQ-FM and AM 1600 KIVA radio stations in Albuquerque, tells investigative journalist D. Dowd Muska that national and local media have done very little in covering the Zorro Ranch. Muska added that even the recent Netflix documentary glossed over the whole New Mexico angle.

Says Aragon, “It’s not that there’s not any interest. There’s plenty of interest. You’re talking about who they’re (media) paid by and why there would be such a voidance. Let’s not forget who’s implicated in all of this and that would be one Bill Richardson, who is also known as the godfather of the modern political Democrat dynasty (in New Mexico).” Here’s more from Aragon and Muska on the Rock of Talk Channel.

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In the following video, Aragon replays his interview with an employee of the Zorro Ranch–an anonymous subcontractor–from August 2019, who reveals some sordid details about what went on there, who might have been among the guests and his interaction with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the staff. The interview was featured on the Tru News Channel.

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