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White Hats

It’s easy to be disgusted… especially if you consume corporate media. And unfortunately that includes the corporate conservative media, who would rather allow the DC Media, aka the New York Times and the Washington Post, lead them around by the nose— than even attempt to create and maintain an #AmericaFirst narrative.

Recently the corporate conservative media showered FREE publicity on Republican CA Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce ‘the mental patient’ Jenner, AKA a man that wears women’s clothes… yet despite the mountains of free publicity, the Tranny pulled only 6% support in a recent poll of California voters.

Jenner had the lowest support among the Republican candidates polled, as compared with 22% for former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and businessman John Cox.

But the other Republican men running are not freak shows that wear ladies underwear— so good luck finding any positive media for them.

Eyes are opening. The people are ignoring the media….except for nuts and blue checkmarks on Twitter and Facebook.

Sadly the ‘corporate conservative media’ are part of the media echo chamber, and just as impotent as the DC GOP. They go along to get along— because that’s their job.

This is why Independent media has become crucial to spreading the truth. And why Intellectual Froglegs has a segment in the show saluting many of our counterparts in the Independent Media. More from Joe Dan Gorman.

(PS: Please follow link to watch his latest video on UGETUBE.)

DC Vs. America

History is repeating…  including recent history.  But so many of my fellow Trump Supporters didn’t start paying attention to American political landscape until 2016—so they think this is new.  It’s not.

In addition to the parallels to the tyranny of 1776— you need only look back to 2008-2010 to see near identical tactics and narratives (voter fraud, racism everywhere, open borders, pandemic planning, government over-reach)…  not only by the left… but more importantly the duplicitous GOP.  The only difference—is the left is louder and more aggressive, the destructive issues are the same.

And let us not forget… for over 12 years now, the GOP has rejected & resisted our pleas to represent our Christian conservative values and interests.  But those are not the interests of the DC GOP.    Just as they undermined and sabotaged Trump after his spectacular political victories for the GOP— they did the exact thing to the Tea Party.

(Please follow the link to the latest video from Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs.)


Righteous Anger

Holy crap! It’s good to be back! Few will argue that 2020 has been The Year from Hell. It damn sure hit us here at Intellectual Froglegs (technical and health issues). But that’s behind us now. While I was away… I assembled a small team of talented people.  Bottom Line: Better and More Frequent programming.  Thank you for your patience.


Commie Dearest

Democrats are starting to eat their own. Nowadays, you have to ask yourself: Are you watching the crazy? Or are you part of the crazy? The fun never ends. We’re waiting for Dustin Hoffman to play Anthony Fauci in Fake Pandemic. More from Joe Dan Gorman.

Crash And Bernie

Actually this episode is not so much about Bernie, as it is about the total and complete collapse of the Democratic Party, which by default—includes their symbiotes in the traditional broadcast media.

Their utter incompetence is a direct result of putting politics above EVERYTHING…which fell in line with the former DNC Chair (2005-09) Howard Dean’s philosophy of Permanent Campaign Mode.

And in 2008, newly elected POTUS, Barack Obama, the community organizer in chief— embraced this permanent campaign– and lifted it to heights only Marxists dream of.

Everything became hyper-political. The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Hollywood, news, sports, entertainment….even the freaking WEATHER is now political..

Democrats propose solutions to ‘problems that don’t or rarely exist’ and their results are an embarrassment— many times causing problems that never existed in the first place. [SEE: Medieval Diseases in California]

More from Joe Dan Gorman at Intellectual Froglegs.

Here Comes The Boom

Although we were all watching as it happened…no one is quite sure what exactly happened to the Democratic Party—a collective bump-on-the-head? A group lobotomy? Who knows? But we know this… they’ve lost their soul. They have no moral compass, yet they preach morality; condemning all of us who disagree.

…and America is about to kick their ass.

As they’ve moved further to the left, the Democrats have aligned themselves more and more with the most staunch enemies of America:

For example:

  • sending pallets of cash to Iran’s “Death to America” terrorists &
  • Sending guns to Mexican Drug Cartels a la “Fast & Furious”

They don’t care about Russians or a rogue FBI….

The list is so long– – and with a death grip on news, entertainment and sports media— they’ve poisoned every aspect of American life. They have was so brainwashed themselves—They have no idea what’s about to hit them.

Be vigilante. More from Joe Dan Gorman.


Spies Who Shagged Themselves

It’s happening.  The “global left” has completely lost control— and it’s not just the American Democrats— It’s happening all over the globe.  To the chagrin of lefties around the world—their citizens see the American Economy rocking.

IN: Nationalism

OUT: Socialist Globalism

Now they REALLY hate Trump, LOL

More from Joe Dan Gorman at Intellectual Froglegs.



The Green New Episode

There was an old Star Trek episode where they entered a new, unchartered part of space …. I only bring this up because it parallels the Democrats crossing into their new level of crazy.

With zero grasp of mathematics or history—the Green New Deal is grade-school level dumbassery. More in the new edition of Intellectual Froglegs from Joe Dan Gorman.

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And, here’s the link that will take you directly to Joe Dan’s website so you can see the full new episode entitled The Green New Episode.


Democrats On a Bus

Here’s the latest fun-filled piece from Joe Dan Gorman, the pride of Corbin, Ky., and the funniest conservative on the Internet.

He says, “I’m proud to announce that Intellectual Froglegs is no longer reliant on liberal video platforms like VIMEO & YouTube. Screw them—I will not bow. I will no longer allow the whims of an overpaid socialist dumbass to impact my product.

“Instead— Intellectual Froglegs is now PROUD to be hosted by the patriots at— [Utah Gun Exchange] . I hope you enjoy the new show.”

Randy Quaid offers his assessment of Nancy Pelosi becoming a radical Democrat. He admonishes Pelosi to stop the malarkey and focus some energy on cleaning up the “disgusting” streets of San Francisco.

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Red November

We’ve all looked on with amazement as MASSIVE numbers of Lefties seem to be reaching new plateau after new plateau of batsh** crazy….yet what we’ve been seeing with our eyes defies any reasonable explanation. Jason Anderson offers the most reasonable explanation I’ve heard so far—   They are not ‘crazy’ crazy, they’re ‘junkie crazy.’ They’ve become ‘power addicts.’

They respond to Trump like a junkie would: NOT by rationally accepting the situation, but by ripping out all the copper wiring and setting the house on fire.

Having dealt with junkies…. this is spot on. More from Joe Dan Gorman on Intellectual Froglegs.

The latest polls are showing strong absentee and early voting tallies by Republicans. They turned out ahead of Democrats in many key states, among them, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Montana and Arizona. What’s it mean? Even if the Democrats take the House, they are not going to make gains in the Senate, so President Donald Trump and the Senate can hold the Liberals and Radicals at bay.

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