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Egypt’s Oldest Settlements

Located deep in the Nubian desert, the Nabta Playa stone circle holds astonishing details of ancient astronomy. Located 500 miles south of Cairo, deep in the Nubian desert, is one of the oldest stone circles in the world. Research has revealed that the Nabta Playa complex dates before Predynastic Egyptian history. In addition to the relatively large-scale settlement plan of a seasonal nature, several wells have been discovered, along with unique formations of worked stones. A significant mystery has been unfolding in regards to ancient astronomical knowledge and the strange location of this site. Who built it and why? More from Mad Malloy.

Decoding the Sumerian Tablets

The discovery of further ancient cuneiform tablets from Sumaria have baffled specialists in regards their information pertaining to our solar system, and the universe. The level of astronomical understanding in the ancient days was remarkable as such information should not have been known. How was this knowledge obtained and most importantly, who first delivered this information to the ancient Sumerians? More from Zohar StarGate.

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Michael Aquino: Mind Wars!

Let’s meet Michael Aquino, Satanist mind-control expert who used his high-powered strings and connections in the US military to rape and molest children at the Presidio Day Care Center. In 1987, the Army announced it was closing the center following allegations that as many as 60 children were molested there.

How did Aquino get away with it? He was protected by Paul E. Vallely, who worked on mind control projects with Aquino and co-wrote a book with him — From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. Vallely was a U.S. Army major general and went on to become a senior military analyst for Fox News. In realty, both he and Aquino should be horsewhipped.

Here, McAllister SatanTV outlines how these two rolled, getting away with disgusting crimes.  Also in this episode, we get some new Q crumbs, learn a bit about Satanic Ritual Abuse, and see a newspaper article from the 19th century that outlines different astronomical theories about the Earth, whether its flat or round, and how it receives sunlight or falls into darkness.


Is There a Ninth Planet?

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology may well have discovered a ninth planet in our solar system. Now called Planet Nine, the new spatial body has 10 times the mass of Earth and is near the size of Neptune. Amy Shire Teitel and Trace Dominguez fill in the details in this edition of D News.

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Size Isn’t Everything

Astronomers at Georgia State University say they have discovered what may well be the smallest star in the universe. The star is 8.6 percent as wide as the our star, the sun, 8,000 times dimmer and can actually fit inside the planet Jupiter. Phil Plait of explains how astronomers determined the star’s status, including mistaking it for a brown dwarf in the early stages of their research, in this edition of SciShow Space.

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Starry, Starry Night

Astronomers had a huge week recently when they discovered the oldest star ever seen and the youngest galaxy. Seeker’s Trace Dominguez tells us that both the star and the galaxy were formed during the big bang nearly 13 billion years ago. Dominguez also fills us in on how the discoveries can teach us about the origins of everything.

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Titan’s Missing Waves

Titan (or Saturn VI) is the largest moon of Saturn. It is the only natural satellite known to have a dense atmosphere and the only object, other than Earth, for which clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid has been found. However, these bodies of liquid are incredibly still, with no sign of wave activity. What is causing this incredible phenomenon?

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Total Eclipse of the Sun

How can the shadow of the tiny moon eclipse the sight of the gargantuan sun? By sheer coincidence, the disc of the sun is 400x larger than the disc of the moon, but it’s 390x farther from Earth — which means that when they align just right, the moon blocks all but the sun’s glowing corona. Andy Cohen details this extraordinary celestial phenomenon (and when it will next occur).

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Kickstarting a Space Telescope

In the past few years the rise of crowdfunding has allowed for some pretty cool stuff to start existing, and today the SciShow’s Hank Green is excited to announce another awesome Kickstarter. Planetary Resources (of asteroid mining fame), in partnership with the Museum of Flight and The Planetary Society, is Kickstarting a space telescope. F’real.

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Hubble Realms of Light

Getting ready for the advent of 4k TV. Revel in some of the highest resolution images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Even now you can see the detail now in these inspiring images, but be sure to check back when you have lined up your 4k monitor or TV in the coming years.

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