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Biden Leaves Americans Behind

The United States ends the Afghan War as the last American planes leave the Kabul Airport. Apparently, thousands of American citizens were left behind by the Biden administration. This is a shocking development in light of American traditions, but not at all surprising from the retarded Biden administration. The Taliban celebrated their victory. More from Mr. Obvious.

Twenty years at war in Afghanistan and what did we accomplish? The CIA got to control the poppy fields and make tons of money off the sale of opium. But otherwise, we didn’t exactly succeed at nation building — not in a region overrun by mindless thugs like the Taliban. More from Ramzpaul.


Locked, Task Force Eagle

The [Deep State] has lost control of the narrative. People can see their actions now and they are turning on the (Deep State). This is happening in Canada. Soon these people will not be able to walk down the street.The patriots plan is to wake the people up by accelerating their plan so everyone can see their true intentions. This plan is working.

The next phase is to produce the forensic audits to show the [Deep State] cheated in the election and colluded with foreign governments. Once this is established, the government will be incapacitated and there will not be a functioning government.

Since the military is behind the operation, the military has been preparing for devolution. There are many pieces that are now coming together. Locked, Task Force Eagle. More from the X22 Report.


Total Embarrassment

We’re all growing tired of hearing about the debacle we witnessed last week in Afghanistan. But there are aspects of the story that most people still don’t understand. For instance, what’s with the heroin? Afghanistan grows some 80 percent of the world’s opium. Also, the nation has a massive supply of lithium, used in cell phones. We have to assume China will be trying to horde those supplies. More from Mark Dice.

New Ben Garrison cartoon lampoons Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

He allows the Taliban to have an official Twitter account,

while censoring and suspending many Americans. You’re a dog,

Dorsey! A bad dog!

The Truth About Afghanistan

Wow, who could have seen this coming? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Why did America fail? Was it all the fault of the incompetent Biden administration? Why did America linger so long — more than 20 years — only to withdraw in a blaze of defeat at the hands of evil doers? Were we just supporting a corrupt regime so the CIA could pad its coffers by selling opium? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Afghanistan: Military Sandbox

Did the United States actually have military objective in Afghanistan? Or was the objective of the war there different? It paid the U.S. military to have a sandbox to keep their veterans battle-trained. And where better to destabilize the environment than right on the doorsteps of Russia and China. And especially in a country like Afghanistan where opium could be raised to feed the globalist wishes of the CIA. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Master Of Puppets

Five Pentagon officials have resigned in the past week. The latest: Tina Kaidanow, who, a few years back, shut down an ambitious plan to bring to trial and prosecute Afghanistan’s opium drug lords. Looks like the Swamp is draining itself in preparation for the Declas and pending releases planned by the Trump administration. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

The [Deep State]/Democrats are trying to change the Senate arena. They will try to flip Rs. Patriots are ready to counter. [John Brennan] is now in the crosshairs. Durham is now looking for it all. The hunters have now become the hunted. Q drops more bread, warns us that something big is coming: Think Rogers, think Brennan. The Patriots have the [DS]/Ds trapped. The American people are not with them. They stand alone. They are exposed. More from the X22 Report.

Crying Chuck Schumer used to kiss myssss! Yes, McAllisterTV is back, and Linda is laying down some smack! Potus Rally!!! Moarq!!!

My much maligned-by-the-mainstream-mockingbird-media guest has only tried to help parents who have children with autism, and of course the children themselves. And she had been demonized and lied about for doing so. But don’t worry, be happy, vaccines have taste enhancers so they’re even yummier now! More from the SGTReport.

What’s Going On In China

Is China fighting the New World Order? Are they forging their own world order? Or is China just another actor on the global stage? In this video, Really Graceful provides historical context to the present events taking place in China by summarizing Chinese history: focusing on the Chinese opium wars, the Boxer Rebellion, the Long March, and the Mao-Yale Connection, as well as the economic boost China has seen in the last thirty years to lay the foundation for what the media won’t tell us about China. More from Really Graceful.

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