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Epstein Island: For Cannibals

FBI Anon (Ask Me Anything)! Trump is a legendary strategist! Putin will release everything they have!  Does Russia have it all?

Q crops…Sheep…Energy! Lost picture of Bohemia Grove! Epstein Island=Red Lobster For Cannibals! Bono is a Vril drone! Judith Barsi murder…Who knows what happened? Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Gitmo Channel In Near Future?

Secret tribunals are legal under the law! Schumann resonance…what is it? News is indicating that a Gitmo Channel could be in our near future! Will this be the Christmas that the world gets a surprise?!

For generations, rituals have been held at Notre Dame to open a gigantic portal for the anti-Christ to enter! Did the White Hats thwart their final attempt to resurrect this fiend? Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Down The Tarot Rabbit Trail

Laura Greenwood, host of Laura’s View and Tarot, Too, takes a journey down the rabbit trail to decipher two key phrases from the Q posts, namely “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming” and “Where We Go One We Go All.”

Though Greenwood acknowledges that all the Q posts have multiple meanings, she believes these two phrases are indisputably intertwined to a near-future event so immutable, that the evil Deep State has been plagued by time constraints in implementing their 16-year plan and shifting to Plan B, or a new multi-generational agenda. It’s all in the cards for Greenwood. Here are her results.

Jan. 6: CIA Op Or Real Victims?

What really happened on January 6? What makes a good movie?? Good actors!

Laura Greenwood from Laura’s Views and Tarot Too asks the cards about January 6th! What were we seeing? Real-life events? Or part of a show?

Here, Laura and McAllister TV provide an update on January 6 and have a conversation about the Ascension!

Importance Of The Baphomet!

Christian 21! Laura’s View: Potus War Paint! The importance of the Baphomet! No one will enter the New World Order as one gender! Ivana alive! Demonic reptilians! Jordan Maxwell and more! Victoria’s Secret models are the deluxe slave-Baphomet-gods and goddesses of the New World Order! Will their converted vessels be occupied by demonic energies? More from McAllister TV.

Dissect The Christmas Comms

Happy New Year everyone! Was the Biden Christmas tree full of comms? Why all of the photoshopping? what’s with the phony Joe Biden and his wife Jill?

Join Laura Greenwood (of Laura’s Views and Tarot Too) and myself (Linda Paris) as we dissect and decode the photo and ask the Tarot cards what they have to say about it!

Projections and wishes for 2023! More from McAllister TV.

Is “Q” Connected To God Source?

Is the Q-Anon operation connected to a divine source? Are there off-planet contributors? Is there a quantum computer involved? Join Laura Greenwood from Laura’s View and Tarot Too and McAllister TV’s Linda Paris. We ask the cards what the universe has to say!

Melania’s Fashions: A Decode

Melania’s outfits and the secret codes they represent! White flag surrender comm?!? Pelosi demise! Weather manipulation! Cloning! Inversions! Everything can be used for good or evil! Plus, what do the cards say? More from McAllister TV, with a special guest appearance from Laura Greenwood, usually seen on Laura’s View and Tarot Too.

Fake News Always Lies

Laura’s Views and Tarot Too! What’s on top of the Georgia Guidestones!!!! Clone breakdowns! The Tower Card! Gesara and Nesara! Election fraud! Solar flash! Red Wave! Weather manipulations! Trafficking tunnels destroyed! Traitors being tracked! More from McAllister TV.

Pit Abuts Canada’s Parliament

Join me as I field an impromptu phone call from Norm Traversy on the Take-Back Canada special. What’s with the giant 100-foot pit in front of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa? Here, see photos of black “Inkas,” or armored bulletproof vehicles.

From his jail cell, Guy Brummell later joins for more updates on a situation in Canada that keeps growing more tense. Is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police acting scared or backing away? What’s happening with Traversy’s avowed plan to serve Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a warrant for treason?

Otherwise, this is a full, loaded episode of McAllister TV with high-level snark. She gives her observations on former President’ Donald Trump’s latest rally in North Carolina. Also in this episode: Viewer mail and a new outlook on Laura’s View and Tarot Too.


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