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Global Food Collapse Planned

Joining me today is Christian Westbrook, also known as Ice Age Farmer. Today we are discussing a very serious problem that not only appears to be on the horizon for Americans, and much of the world, but one that very well might have been planned, orchestrated, or at the very, least allowed to happen. This is the topic of collapsing food infrastructure, and how that can be used to further subjugate an already desperate and vulnerable population. More from the Last American Vagabond.



Goodbye, YouTube Party!!!

James Corbett hosts a select party, gathering together four content creators, all of whom have been banned and booted off YouTube. They aren’t crying in their beer, though. They say they are now building a new and larger audience than they ever had on YouTube. Here, they explain their circumstances and celebrate their new-found freedom. Participants include Ryan Cristian from The Last American Vagabond, Derrick Broze from  Conscience Resistance, Josh Sigurdson from World Alternative Media and Dan Dicks from Press for Truth.

Mask Efficacy Questioned

Joining me today is investigative journalist Ben Swann to discuss his recent coverage of the mask debate, and how he dared to consider the decades of scientific studies leading up to today before formulating his opinion. We also discuss how he was censored for objectively reporting on this past research, and it’s relevance to today, as well as his new platform, As armies of online influencers attack anyone daring to think for themselves as “anti-maskers,” despite many merely wanting clarity, all we should truly be seeking is objective debate. Does anyone feel that is what’s taking place today? More from the Last American Vagabond.


Salas Assailant: Known Spook

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb says the alleged Salas family assailant worked for a US/Israeli intelligence-linked firm. Here, she discusses her latest research on The Last American Vagabond.


Epstein Victim Speaks Out

Whitney Webb recently spoke with Maria Farmer, the first victim of Jeffrey Epstein who had the courage to come forward. She describes Epstein as charismatic but rather stupid. Brighter, but much more vicious was Ghislaine Maxwell, who Farmer calls an Israeli Mossad operative, answerable to Les Wexnor.

We have broken this 3-hour conversation into two parts. This is part 2. Edits were only made where comments were given off the record. More from The Last American Vagabond.

Also you can access Part 1 here:

We also bring you Pedogate 2020, from Mouthy Buddha. YouTube has removed this video, so we resurrect it from Bitchute. As much as possible, we will continue to revive the videos that YouTube and other censor-driven social media platforms are seeking to bury. Shame on everyone who works for Google as well as its stooge platform YouTube. They not only stand in contradiction to the principles of the United States, they are no better or different than the Communist Chinese. Just a vile and foul scourge upon the face of the planet.




Epstein Victim: Full Interview

Whitney Webb recently spoke with Maria Farmer, the first victim of Jeffrey Epstein who had the courage to come forward. We have broken this 3 hour conversation into two parts, this is part 1. Edits were only made where comments were given off the record. More from The Last American Vagabond.

Global child trafficking must end. Here, Riss Flex presents the work of the Inquiry Into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, presided over by former CIA officer Robert David Steele. It’s becoming apparent we, the people, must push to bring the pedophiles to justice as the mainstream media has refused to deal with the problem and even attempted to bury it.

How are all the tunnels filled with kids? You can trace the source of these kids through the clutches of Child Protective Services. They are supposed to provide protection for children facing abuse or neglect at home, but what’s happening instead is they are delivering kids to a world where they are eternally abused and subjected to the most heinous forms of rape and subjugation. Some of the kids are taken at hospitals but mostly they are police snatch and grabs. More from Timothy Charles Holmseth.


The Real Epstein Coverup

The American public has been told next to nothing about the Jeffrey Epstein coverup. Here, veteran journalist Whitney Webb estimates the public knows less than 5 percent of the scandal. The rest has been hidden and left untold, largely to placate the rich and wealthy guilty parties.

Webb offers us a glimpse into just how deep this deceit extends. Much of what she discusses is based on a recent, three-hour+ interview she did with Maria Farmer, who filed the earliest criminal complaint against Epstein back in 1996 with the FBI. Farmer says the FBI already knew what she told them about the human trafficking involving her and her younger sister, but declined to take the hard evidence she offered to back up her claims. In other words, the FBI appeared unwilling to proceed against Epstein, or his rich and famous associates, including Les Wexner, the former CEO of Victoria’s Secret, who served as Epstein’s protector.

On a daily basis, Farmer saw between five and 10 girls “going upstairs,” in Florida, to be raped and molested by Epstein. She says she saw kids in diapers taken to his lair, although most were aged 12 through 16. They numbered in the thousands. The majority can no longer be found, as many as 500 in Florida alone. Farmer believes some of those girls died from drug overdoses, while others were murdered by Epstein or his associates. She says she was roughed up at one point by a bodyguard, who now works in Hollywood for the actor Will Smith.

Farmer endured death threats for many years, forcing her to move around frequently, from one small town to another. She says Epstein’s network extended around the world — with members of the British royal family and Israeli intelligence officers taking part, along with many powerful, global CEOs, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Although Gates claims he didn’t meet Epstein until around 2010, in fact, Gates was already hanging around with Epstein in the 1990s. “There was definitely a relationship there,” says Webb. Others who were extremely close: Bill Clinton and Ivana Trump, President Trump’s ex-wife.

Farmer says “stolen” and trafficked women from Thailand and the Philippines worked as cooks and maids at his resorts in Florida, New York and New Mexico, as well as Paris and in the Caribbean.

Just how complicit has the mainstream media been in covering up the horrible crimes against these women?  Vicky Ward, formerly as staffer for Vanity Fair and now at CNN, was one of the first reporters to ever talk with Farmer. Farmer calls her “a true monster,” who told Epstein’s right-hand “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell, over drinks, that Farmer had reported the scam to the FBI. Farmer says she had to send Vicky Ward as well as CNN “cease and desist letters,” after being badgered by both of them. Farmer contends Maxwell is now in hiding in Great Britain, under the protection of the Rothschild family. More from the Last American Vagabond.

Meanwhile, Peter Beard has been found dead, his remains located in a state park close to his home in Montauk on Long Island, New York. Beard, the noted wildlife and nature photographer, was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein, and supposedly had taken images of many of the guests arriving at Epstein’s resorts and mansions. It’s not clear, at this time, if those images still exist or in what format. Beard had been reported missing since April 1. His remains were found Sunday, April 19, at Camp Hero State Park.


You’re fine as long as you don’t touch your face. More from John Ward.

SXSW canceled!!! The big Austin music, film and media conference won’t happen in 2020 owing to the coronavirus pandemic. What will be the next big super-event to bite the bullet? More from Jason Bermas.

When the W.H.O. made the claim this week that the death rate for the Corona Virus is higher than the flu, they left out some very important information, including omitting “mild” cases. More from Ben Swann on RT.

Iran and Italy have a much higher death rate than most other nations owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The Last American Vagabond explores why this might be so. Partly it has to do with how the virus has spread, but also with the genetic structure of Iranians and Italians, making them more vulnerable to this virus.

China manufactures about 95 percent of the antibiotics used in the United States. Now, they are threatening to stop exporting these drugs here. How should the US respond More from Bill Still,


Coronavirus And HIV

Indian researchers are saying the coronavirus is a bioweapons nightmare. One of their reasons? They say they have found strands of the coronavirus that appear to have RNA strands similar to, or lifted from, the HIV virus. This might be why the Chinese have said they are using AIDs treatments to deal with coronavirus patients. Here, Dr. Paul Cottrell discusses the implications.

Dr. Cottrell returns with a more detailed video that explores the origins of this virus as a bioweapons. It’s looking more likely that is how it came into being and that the Chinese are responsible for unleashing this horror upon their own people. Yes, there was probably an accident of some kind, or an oversight.

But the weapon itself was designed by the Chinese — a hodgepodge of past viruses, including the insertion of HIV. The HIV presence is suppressing the immunology and white blood cells, making this a much more deadly cocktail. We’ll let Dr. Cottrell explain the details. He does so quite well and passionately.

More evidence is emerging suggesting the recent coronavirus was man-made. Meanwhile, last Thursday, the head of the World Health Organization’s campaign to wipe out ebola, Dr. Peter Halama, reportedly died. Details surrounding his death were not forthcoming. Quite strange coincidence. Here are the grisly details from The Last American Vagabond.

Current update from Styxhexenhammer666: The number of infections has risen above 17,500. We’re seeing more cases across southern Asia — India, Vietnam and Thailand. The first death has occurred outside China: A 44-year-old man in the Philippines, although he was originally from the epicenter of the virus in Wuhan, China. There are now two more epicenters within China in Guangdong and Zheijiang. Styx says: Be prepared. Stock up on basic foods and take precautions.

On a side note, the Chinese are being ordered to cull all of their pets, even though there is no evidence whatsoever that these animals are serving as transmitters for the coronavirus. Mr. Obvious says, “China consistently disappoints me.” We concur.  The people might be quite capable, but the government is so regressive and archaic, such bedrock Communists, that it will be tough, if not impossible, for China to ever amount to much.

It’s now clear a pandemic is unavoidable. That raises the question: How bad will it get?  The official data on the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus continues to suggest a geometric growth rate. Which explains why more and more infectious disease experts are now openly calling the virus a full-blown global pandemic.

It’s worth noting at this point that the data we do have, mostly from the Chinese government, is still scant and suspect. Many think the situation is China is worse than is being reported — potentially much worse.

Frustratingly, the Western press seems bent on downplaying the coronavirus threat, many trying to convince us that the standard flu is more dangerous. Which is NOT true, at least in terms of survivability.

So, we must continue to educate ourselves as best we can. Chris Martenson will continue synthesizing the data and reporting back to you with understandable and practical insights.

China’s stocks crash as Coronavirus continues to spread.  It’s probably not going to get as bad here as it has been in Wuhan, China. But it is spreading, and we will face some localized outbreaks in the United States, so best to be prepared. At this point, half of the 12 identified cases in the United States are in California. Most of the other cases are in bigger cities: Boston, New York and Chicago. More from the SGTReport.


The Man Responsible For Virus?

Lisa Haven explores the credentials of Peng Zhou, a bat biologist in charge of studies at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This is a center only about 20 miles from the Huanan Seafood Market, where all of the first cases of the coronavirus orignated. Zhou’s expertise involved trying to mix the coronavirus with SARS and MERS. In other words, China was paying him to play with fire. And apparently, like a kindergarten student, that’s exactly what he did.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s beginning to look more likely that the coronavirus originated at that Wuhan lab, not the seafood market. A virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, told Nature that in order to study the virus in a lab, scientists at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan created a hybrid made of protein and the structure of a SARS virus. “If the virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory,” the Pasteur Institute virologist said.)

Just how long has mankind been messing around with coronavirus, trying to create the perfect bioweapon? The history goes back to 1987. Since then, there have been hundreds of cases of manipulative experiments to tweak and weaponize these coronaviruses. The Last American Vagabond winds through this perverted and largely closeted history, taking place in bioweapons labs across the globe. Also touched upon here: The arrest of Charles Lieber, the chairman of the Harvard University’s Chemistry Department, for providing bioweapons secrets to the Chinese that relate to the coronavirus.

Styxhexenhammer666 says it’s time to get prepared. Not because you’re necessarily doomed to be attacked if the coronavirus comes to your city or your region, but if it does arrive, there could be shortages. The latest tally? The coronavirus has now infected more than 12,000 people. The latest countries to report cases are Sweden, Italy, Spain and Russia, so it’s definitely making its presence known across Europe.

How do you survive a pandemic? Here are useful — and possibly life-saving — tips from Canadian author and researcher Stefan Verstappen. His works include The Art Of Urban Survival and The Way of the Warrior.

In times of pandemics,  your best defense is to stay at home. To stay, you will need to be prepared, with the foods and basic supplies to last a few weeks, or a few months, whatever length of time might be required. You will need to be prepared as well to follow social distancing when you venture outside, so you can avoid exposure.

In this public service announcement Stefan Verstappen breaks down how to survive during a pandemic. Practical advice given on:

* How to avoid being infected

* What foods to store

* When to stay home

* When to go to the hospital

* What weapons are needed.

Having trouble finding proper face masks? You can make your own by transforming a bra. Another alternative: Swimming pool goggles. These might sound far-fetched, but supplies will be tight, and masks difficult to find soon.

We close with two new reports by Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. The first is entitled Are Men More Vulnerable To Coronavirus? The gist of the report: Yes, it appears that men, especially elderly men, are far more likely than women to contract coronavirus.

In the second report, Martenson takes a look at some of the public health officials and journalists pushing sloppy and erroneous assessments of the virus, and also does more comparisons trying to ascertain the actual rates at which the virus is spreading.

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