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Border Truth

The Dream Rare podcast welcomes boots-on-the-ground, investigative journalist Jorge Ventura to reveal what’s really happening on our porous southern border.

Ventura explains the huge policy differences between the Trump and Biden administrations that are impacting illegal immigration and discusses the ongoing battle between the federal government and states, plus more.

Saturday Night Fever

Kevin’s Korner analyzes the never-ending excrement spewing from the corrupt Democrat Party and its fellow Deep State cronies. Host Kevin Bowen takes a deep dive into the Bizzaro World of the extreme liberals, who are so far out of touch, they’ve embraced a false sense of reality. Here’s his report.

U.N. Funds Illegal Immigration

Dan Lyman, editor of Borderhawk News, tells the Lauren Southern podcast that the United Nations is funding illegal immigration into the United States. He says many of the migrants are funded with cash cards issued by the U.N. south of the border. Here’s Southern’s report.

In a related story, Southern reports how Mexican citizens are sick and tired of illegal immigration and the sinister cartels.

I Support The Current Thing!

Some current things are more current than others. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Dems Importing New Voters

It turns out the reports last week that the massive influx of Haitians at our southern border was resolved and a majority of them were flown back to their homeland was absolutely fake news.

California Rep. Devin Nunes tells investigative reporter Sara Carter that the majority–if not all–the immigrants are in the United States. “Nobody knows where the hell they’re at and it’s totally unacceptable,” Nunes says. “My estimation is that we’re going to let 3 million people into this country this year. It’s completely out of control.” He added it’s clear the Democrats are buying votes that will affect elections 10 to 15 years down the line. Here are more of Nunes’ thoughts on the Carter podcast.

Biden’s Big Bad Border Crisis

it’s mostly under control! More from FreedomToons.

Audit Reveals Patterns Of Fraud

Patterns in types of specific election fraud have been revealed after the Arizona audit across multiple swing states. We examine the watered-down language of the Cyberninja’s report and some new data about even more invalid ballots in Arizona, as well as provisional ballots in Michigan. More from RedPill78.

Former CIA Agent Michael Jaco says the audits eventually could lead to a decertification of the 2020 Presidential election results, but it will take time to oust the cheating pretender Joe Biden from the White House.

The problem? In the meantime, Biden and his Democratic hombres could ruin the nation. They are working hard to undo all of the advances that President Donald Trump had accomplished. We are seeing the results: Mushrooming inflation, soaring unemployment, massive illegal immigration, energy shortages, you name it.

Here, Jaco discusses the audits with Nicholas Veniamin. Other topics covered: The Deep State, clones and human trafficking.


Dems Face Another Roadblock

The crony, corrupt, corporatist Democrat Party is reeling after its master plan suffered another major roadblock. The Senate Parliamentarian put an abrupt end to the Dems’ ridiculous amnesty plans, ruling the citizen path for illegals cannot be in its $3.5 trillion social-spending bill.

Fox News Congressional correspondent Chad Pegram reported, “The budget reconciliation bills, which Democrats were using to avoid a filibuster, must be strictly fiscal in nature and can’t add to the deficit.” Liberal Hivemind adds that the Democrats’ push to include amnesty in the bill was policy driven and a substantial blow to progressives in the party. Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.

Border Crisis Intensifies

The crisis at our southern border is spiraling out of control, with the numbers swelling by the day. Problem is, there aren’t sufficient facilities–or enough room, for that matter–to accommodate the onslaught. Why is this allowed to happen?

Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, explains why illegal immigration is about power, especially for one party. Video courtesy of PragerU.

What Are They Hiding?

The Biden Administration’s about-face in denying a Republican Congressional delegation to visit the U.S.-Mexico border two days before the trip came out of left field.

Texas U.S. Rep. Brian Babin, who was to lead the delegation, says members worked tirelessly planning the visit to the critical intelligence facility in El Paso, Texas, in light of the huge numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border and the massive influx of drugs pouring into the country. So what were the Democrats trying to hide? He elaborates in this interview with Sara Carter.

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