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More Trouble For Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is retiring from the NIH at the end of the year, moving on to the next stage of his career. But should he be moving into a prison celll?

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the podcast, who says there is undisputable evidence that Fauci is responsible for remdesivir-induced deaths and should be indicted. She explains further on The Stew Peters Show.

Covid Pandemic Trump’s 9-11

Weeks after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, we are left still questioning the logic behind the attack. Investigative journalist George Webb joins The Stew Peters Show to give his take on what the FBI was really after.

Webb contends that the entire Covid-19 pandemic may have been launched intentionally on Sept. 11, 2019. He theorizes that the documents the FBI was hunting revealed the truth about Covid-19 and its origins and President Trump was keeping the information as evidence to release at just the right moment. Here’s more with Peters and Webb.

Truckers’ Convoy Reborn

David “Santa” Riddell and the People’s Convoy of truckers are back and reborn as the 1776 Restoration Movement. Riddell, one of the founding members, joins “The Stew Peters” Show to discuss the group’s core values in its quest for freedom and liberty.

Parasites, Bots In The Vaccines

Dr. Carrie Madej tells “The Stew Peters Show” that blood clot vials from post-mortem vaccinated adults have turned out not to be blood clots at all. What  she found in the vials were moving parts, parasite-like beings and delivery devices, such as nanobots.

“We have to stop this right now. These are extreme experimentations,” Madej says. “The future of us is in peril. This is not informed consent by any means.” Here’s more detail with Madej and Stew Peters.

Milking The System

Like many of the supply-chain shortages, the baby-formula predicament appears to be a government-manipulated crises, starring Bill Gates in a major role.

National File’s Patrick Howley tells The Stew Peters Show that the Biden Administration’s FDA shut down the Sturgis, Mich., Abbott Laboratories plant, which produces a lot of baby formula, three months ago because of a faux bacterial infection that the company denies. Enter Gates and his investor fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, that poured $3.5 million into Bio-Milk, which makes artificial breast milk.

How convenient. And guess who’s on the board of Breakthrough Energy?–Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson. Here’s more from Stew Peters.

Bigger Than Watergate

Trial attorney Stephanie Lambert says she is taking on the biggest case of her career–bigger than Watergate–that will nail down the massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Unlike any other case in the swing states that the courts have dismissed, rejected or refused to hear, Lambert has obtained a video-taped confession of the crime caught on tape in Delaware County, Pa. “It’s the cover-up caught on tape,” Stew Peters says. “The ballots were ripped up and thrown away!” Here’s Peters’ report, which features a clip from the bombshell video.


Zelensky’s Satanic War Crimes

The Stew Peters Show, guest hosted by Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall, detail the satanic war crimes committed by Volodymyr Zelensky’s Nazi battalions in occupied territory of Ukraine, including the rape and pillaging of innocent civilians and the carving of swastikas into the chest of dead children.

Witzke and Szall also welcome DeAnna Lorraine back to discuss the upgrade to antidepressants, including implanted micro-trackers. Lorraine also exposes the threats of transhumanism and mass population compliance. Here’s more from The Stew Peters Show.

The Battle For The Biolabs

Ukrainian biolabs are being funded by the United States, and former FBI agent Peter Strzok has now placed himself at the center of the bioweapon production scandal.

Expert and journalist George Webb was welcomed back to the Stew Peters Show Wednesday to discuss his Twitter exchange with the disgraced adulterer Agent Strzok over Ukraine and Hunter Biden relations, and the biolabs now in Russian control.

Webb said Strzok and Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland were behind the secret labs. Webb went into detail about the deep history of the bioweapons, and which U.S. elites contributed to this devious operation.

Compromised Rinos A Threat

Republicans have been a disappointment during the insurgence of the plandemic, failing to fight back against Covid-19 tyrany. South Dakota Congressional candidate and state representative, Taffy Howard, joins “The Stew Peters Show” to discuss how Rinos are a threat to our nation and how she plans to stabilize the conservative backbone of South Dakota.

Assault On U.S. Doctors

Stew Peters says with all the chaos and distrust in the Covid-19 world, the mantra from the Deep State remains “to trust the experts.” The problem is, Peters says, in real time, experts disagree, overstep their boundaries or are just plain frauds.

“The very experts we are told to obey, have issued contradictory advice countless times over the past two years,” Peters says. He welcomes Dr. Meryl Nass to discuss how the establishment is shutting down the good doctors combating the pandemic, while killer doctors roam free at death-camp hospitals. Here’s his report.

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