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The First 100 Days

President Biden’s First 100 Days speech experienced more than a few technical difficulties in this strongly produced parody from The United Spot. Watch as the “Three Stooges” of politics–Biden, VP Kamala Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi–wallow in their confusion and insecurities in this performance on the lighter side of life.

Says Biden at one point, “Is it breaktime yet, I need  a snack and a nap. My knees are about to give out.” Harris counters with, “My knees never give out.” And Pelosi’s retort: “Kamala, your knees should be in the Guinness Book of World Records.”

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Obama Running The Country

Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck the only thing President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden care about right now is approval from the media. O’Reilly says we have a President who craves approval from two newspapers–The Washington Post and The New York Times, and that’s how he’s going to make his decisions.

“If you look at what President Biden has prioritized in two days, it’s all based on Washington Post and New York Times editorials,” O’Reilly says. And, he says, with the recent of addition of Susan Rice to Biden’s White House team, it’s clear President Obama is the one running the country. O’Reilly elaborates on the “Glenn Beck Show” at Blaze TV.

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Asterisk First Lady Unelect!

The social justice warriors are already up in arms over how conservatives aren’t pimping asterisk First Lady Unelect Jill Biden! As a matter of fact, she’s called a doctor, but she’s not a doctor, at least not in the same sense as Rand Paul. She’s called a doctor because she got a degree from reading lots of books. There’s something worthy about that. Of course, there was something just as worthy in Melania Trump speaking five languages, yet the SJW boobs never once eased up on berating or castigating her. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Carolina Evergreen

Remember Sen. Chuck Grassley’s recent pidgin English tweets. He talked of finding dead pigeons and deer, and made some cryptic references, not only to a series of numbers but also corn harvesting in Iowa. But what if Grassley’s tweets involved something much grander, involving references to a series of peculiar fires that have beset packaging plants and especially food packaging plants.

In Canton, North Carolina, there was a recent fire that killed two at Evergreen Packaging. Strangely enough, the plant straddles the Pigeon River and if you follow that river you’ll run smack into Deer Run Road. In Pursuit of Truth plays a game of compare and contrast, exploring a few companies, a few non-profits, and also the shadowy world of fact-checking. Is he onto something or just blowing smoke? You decide!

John Durham is investigating the Clinton Foundation! Could we finally see some of these Big Dog Democrats fall? Also, updates on Trump Lake and Ted Cruz. Will Joe Biden have to cede the top spot to Jill Biden? More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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POTUS: ”WE CAUGHT ‘EM COLD AND THERE’S MORE COMING OUT” “It’s going to be bigger and worse and worse” There are people who have to be very worried. A Giant Disclosure is dropped to help set the stage for arrests. More from Lori Colley.

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Are they willing to destroy our Republic to cover up their crimes? More from JustInformed Talk, exploring the criminality of Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

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Biden’s Sordid Love Triangle

It turns out Sleepy Joe Biden wasn’t so drowsy after all in his early years, when he moved in on one of his political constituent’s wife, had an affair and later married her. Who was this mistress? None other than Jill Biden, the former Jill Stevenson.

Joe Biden’s tale about meeting Jill on a blind date in 1975–three years after the tragic loss of his first wife and year-old daughter in a automobile accident–is a bald-faced lie, according London’s Daily Mail, who tracked down Jill’s first husband Bill Stevenson. According to Stevenson, he met Jill in 1969, married her in 1970 and, in 1972, they both worked on Biden’s campaign. Sometime during the next two years, Biden, who was unmarried, had a relationship with Jill Stevenson, who was, unbeknownst to Bill Stevenson. He told the Daily Mail that he found out about the relationship through one of Jill’s close friends.

So are private matters fair game for the media? The answer’s yes. Problem is, in today’s political climate, which includes an unfair and unbalanced mainstream media, there is a double standard when it comes to private concerns. Take a recent book authored by President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, which claimed that he cheated on his SAT test. The revelation was the lead story on newscasts and splattered on the front pages of many newspapers. As for the truth about Joe and Jill Biden–crickets. Here’s more with Greg Kelly of Newsmax.

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The Democratic Cringefest

Democrats convention is an unmitigated disaster. It’s so CRINGE Leftists joke this is Trump’s re-election. Democrats seem completely out of touch and unable to work digitally.

From extremely poor viewership to cringe-inducing content, the Democrats have utterly failed this year’s Democratic National Convention. But it almost seems like it is on purpose considering they have awful candidates and polls are closing in for Biden.

Trump seems on track for victory and perhaps this is a sign that Democrats have no plan to win at all and are just tossing whatever at the wall to see what sticks. Effort, however, is nowhere in sight. It seems if this is the best the Leftists and Democrats can offer, we are on track for a Trump Landslide. More from Tim Pool.

Even Leftists are admitting: The Democratic convention is an unmitigated disaster. Trump’s support already was rising. Now it’s going to skyrocket. More from Steve Turley.

One thing you can give the Democrats credit for: At least they tried. More from Mark Dice.

Day 2 of the 2020 Democratic National Convention couldn’t be expected to live up to the “Fear and Loathing in Milwaukee” of Day 1 and it didn’t, in terms of being an acid trip from Hell. But it did accidentally highlight some disturbing facts about speakers Jill Biden (homewrecker) and Bill Clinton (recently surfaced pictures with Epstein victim) – and the cherry on top was the ever-strange Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, using her carefully limited 60 seconds of air time to emphatically endorse presidential candidate… Bernie Sanders. More from John Ward.

Here are highlights from the convention. The floor is giving way. But The United Spot captures the trajectory.

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