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Trump Fires Truth Missiles

Full speed ahead! Former President Donald Trump speaks in Phoenix, Ariz., and fires a volley of truth missiles. So much exposed in just a few hours. Also, worldwide protests against the lockdowns! People everywhere are fed up with the Deep State lies and manipulations. Pray! More from And We Know.

Bix Weir & Chris Marcus join the SGTReport to discuss upside down world and our moral obligation to resist tyranny and the devil’s schemes.

McAllister TV and Dilara Esengil continue their weekend discussion Into The Unknown. How dumb can Libtard parents be? Need proof? See how many of them take their children to disgusting Dragtime story events at local libraries. Also in this video: More shape-shifting freakazoids! Do some of them have snouts? Also, Tom Cruise, the Nubby Man!

Monkey Business

We just brought you the story of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir singing about how they are “coming for your children.” Now, just to accentuate how antagonistic and hardcore the LGBT community, Breitbart News introduces another gay man, wearing a Rainbow Monkey suit with a dildo hanging down, while entertaining children at a story hour in the Redbridge Libraries outside London.

Not cool! If this is how the LGBT community “polices” itself, this is a community out of control, and not trustworthy enough to be conducting story hours for kids.  More from The Salty Cracker.


Captain Underpants Banned!

The Leftist censors taking aim at Dr. Seuss have only just begun. Now they are pulling the Captain Underpants books off the shelves of school libraries. The publishing company Scholastic Books is urging censorship, citing “passive racism” within these comic volumes.

Just how far are these assholes going to go? And who are they? If you remove everything by Dr. Seuss as well as Captain Underpants books, what’s going to be left to motivate kids to want to read?

The Leftists — and that includes most teachers, by the way — don’t give a shit. They don’t like kids reading. The kids might actually grow up being smart! Better to keep them all dumb and in the dark. More from Magog of Morskar.

Libraries Of The Ancient World

In our modern information age, it seems that libraries have become almost obsolete. But in antiquity, libraries were the great storehouses of knowledge, magnificent structures where humanity’s collective wisdom and history was preserved, where records were stored for future generations to learn from, and add to. In the ancient world, there are several examples that come to mind, from the Great Library of Alexandria, to the Royal Library of the Assyrian ruler Ashurbanipal, considered the oldest surviving royal library in the world. More from Robert Sepehr.

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Moral Inversion

Library to target children under 5 for Drag Queen story hour. More from Ramzpaul.

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