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Mask Mandates Get Lifted

Watch as a group of children learn that the mask mandates are being lifted and they will be able to go to school without wearing masks. More from Sebastian Gorka.

California Stroke Of Genius

Too many low grades, so there’s only one solution. Eliminate low grades. That’s what the California schools have done when hit by a flood of failing students. More from AwakenwithJP.

Indiana Schools Pushing Porn

This is the condensed version of every speaker who spoke earlier this week during the Carmel Clay School Board meeting from Carmel, an Indianapolis, Indiana, suburb. Warning: The materials from the books they are reading are explicit and these books are readily available in the Carmel Clay Schools. Share with your fellow parents since a great majority of parents have no idea that obscene materials of this nature are in front of their minor children.

Books read include: 1. Call Me Max 2. l8r, g8r 3. It’s Perfectly Normal 4. doing it right 5. Crank 6. the infinite moment of us

The questions we have: Why are the schools teaching pornography? Why are the board members so hostile and fascist in supporting this pornography? Are schools in your neighborhood using these same books in classrooms? You owe it to your children to find out. More from Unify Carmel.

A full version can be found here:


Captain Underpants Banned!

The Leftist censors taking aim at Dr. Seuss have only just begun. Now they are pulling the Captain Underpants books off the shelves of school libraries. The publishing company Scholastic Books is urging censorship, citing “passive racism” within these comic volumes.

Just how far are these assholes going to go? And who are they? If you remove everything by Dr. Seuss as well as Captain Underpants books, what’s going to be left to motivate kids to want to read?

The Leftists — and that includes most teachers, by the way — don’t give a shit. They don’t like kids reading. The kids might actually grow up being smart! Better to keep them all dumb and in the dark. More from Magog of Morskar.

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