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Most Incompetent Cabinet Ever

Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck that the 1962 New York Mets were the worst team in Major League Baseball history, losing 120 games. But now, O’Reilly says, there’s another “team” in Washington, D.C., that may be even worse. No, not the Nationals, but Joe Biden’s cabinet. O’Reilly breaks down the performance of several cabinet members and their catastrophic losses, proving they truly are amazingly incompetent.

Fed’s Biggest Lie Yet

Financial guru Mark Moss says  the Federal Reserve has been lying to us for as long as he can remember, including the recent fairy tales about a looming recession.

Moss says former Fed chiefs Ben Bernanke and Janice Yellen promised the country’s financial future was on solid ground before subsequent collapses. And now Fed chair Jerome Powell is doubling down, claiming the economy remains in good standing. Is this the biggest lie from the Federal Reserve yet, or are these alleged leaders just plain incompetent? More from Moss.

Hyperinflation: It’s Here To Stay

Democrats are finally admitting: Inflation will not be disappearing any time soon. Of course, they are refusing to explain how inflation is produced by their own byzantine policies, such as destroying America’s energy independence. More from Mark Dice.

Three Flavors Of Bank Tyranny

This week on the New World Next Week: Banks around the world are suffering IT-related disruptions; the Chinese Belt and Road is debt-trap diplomacy; and old Janet Yellen is looking to get the Internal Revenue Service’s mitts on every pile of your savings over $600. More from the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Stock Market Crisis

On Friday, February 2nd, 2018, Janet Yellen served her last day as Chair of the United States Federal Reserve, with Jerome Powell set to be sworn in as her replacement on Monday, February 5th, 2017. Under Yellen’s leadership, the Federal Reserve had planned three interest rate hikes in 2018 – decisions that would have a major impact on the world economy and the immediate future of the United States.

It didn’t take long for now-former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to speak publicly, and on Sunday February 4th, 2018, she commented on the current value of the stock market: “Well, I don’t want to say too high. But I do want to say high. Price-earnings ratios are near the high end of their historical ranges. If you look at commercial real estate prices, they are quite high relative to rents. Now, is that a bubble or is too high? And there it’s very hard to tell. But it is a source of some concern that asset valuations are so high.”

As new Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell was sworn in on Monday February 5th, 2018, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by almost 1,600 – about 6% – before recovering with a total decline of 1,179 points by the end of the day. All major indexes felt losses with the Nasdaq Composite falling by 3.8%, the S&P 500 decreased by 4% and the broad Russell 2000 dropped by 2.9%.

The uncertainly over future monetary policy decisions by incoming Federal Reserve decision makers (three vacancies at the Fed have yet to be filled by President Trump’s administration) and Yellen’s outgoing commentary unquestionably influenced the recent market drop – but the full story is far more complicated. Stefan Molyneux has more.

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