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How They Tried To Kill Trump

In a revealing interview, Nicholas Veniamin welcomes former CIA operative Michael Jaco to discuss the numerous Deep State assassination attempts on President Trump. Some reports say the number is at least 25 and as high as 60!

Perhaps the closest call involved Covid-19. When the pandemic broke out, the White House took stringent precautions to keep the premises safe. No one in the White House tested positive for the virus, then suddenly everyone had Covid, including President Trump and the First Lady, who tested positive on Oct. 2. Jaco directly blames the Chinese Communist Party for the outbreak: “They obviously came in and infiltrated somehow and released some stuff in there. He was probably going to die from that, but they were prepared for it, fortunately.”

Jaco says another apparent attempt came during a White House presser, when Secret Service heard gunshots and whisked Trump away from the lectern. It turns out there was a shootout between security and the perpetrators in the White House tunnel system. In yet another failed attempt, during a trip to Washington state, intelligence concluded there was an attempted missile attack on Air Force One. Here’s more with Jaco and Veniamin.

Super Bowl Attacks

InfoWars source Zach describes efforts by Deep State insiders working with Somalia dissidents to spark violence, either at the Super Bowl today or in the immediate Minneapolis vicinity. Zach also gets into the mysterious missile attack outside Hawaii, the attack on the train carrying GOP congressmen to West Virginia, and President Trump’s State of the Union address.

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What’s Up with Missile Threats?

Over the past week, we have seen a couple of false alerts go off in Hawaii and in Japan, alerts warning of incoming missiles, presumably from North Korea. What’s behind the strange coincidence? The Truth Factory takes a look.

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