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How They Tried To Kill Trump

In a revealing interview, Nicholas Veniamin welcomes former CIA operative Michael Jaco to discuss the numerous Deep State assassination attempts on President Trump. Some reports say the number is at least 25 and as high as 60!

Perhaps the closest call involved Covid-19. When the pandemic broke out, the White House took stringent precautions to keep the premises safe. No one in the White House tested positive for the virus, then suddenly everyone had Covid, including President Trump and the First Lady, who tested positive on Oct. 2. Jaco directly blames the Chinese Communist Party for the outbreak: “They obviously came in and infiltrated somehow and released some stuff in there. He was probably going to die from that, but they were prepared for it, fortunately.”

Jaco says another apparent attempt came during a White House presser, when Secret Service heard gunshots and whisked Trump away from the lectern. It turns out there was a shootout between security and the perpetrators in the White House tunnel system. In yet another failed attempt, during a trip to Washington state, intelligence concluded there was an attempted missile attack on Air Force One. Here’s more with Jaco and Veniamin.

UN Blue Helmets To Police U.S.?

The Blue Helmets are coming to a city near you. Hard to believe, but Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has officially called for United Nation troops to occupy American soil to root out racism.

Even more shocking, the Biden Administration is inviting the globalist UN to propose new laws and policies to our government after the occupation. The move immediately drew the ire of conservative Republicans, especially Washington state Congressional candidate Joe Kent, who said Blinken was just lectured to and humiliated by the CCP a few months ago and now we’re signing up to work with them. “The UN and its globalist fan boys are an absolute joke,” he added. “Strong nations don’t sign up to play these games.” Here’s more on the story from Riss Flex.

NASA’s Alternate Reality

NASA’s recent discovery of a parallel universe where time runs backward, suggests there are interdimensional beings living among us. We’re not talking about aliens from other parts of the universe, nor beings that live inside the Earth, nor demons, but about beings from other dimensions.

In the following video, blogger Riss Flex discusses the awareness of such beings and how state governments are passing laws to protect them. “Ever since they disclosed the UFO awareness by the government, they’re going to start releasing more information like this to get the public more used to this understanding,” Flex says. She says that among such beings now protected by law are Bigfoot in Washington State, a “river monster” in Arkansas and a serpent-like creature that lives in the waters of Lake Champlain in Vermont and New York.

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