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Rothschilds And Coded Warning

WE WERE WARNED. And now they own the world, and manipulate EVERYTHING. More from the SGTReport.

White People Lie…And Cheat

What can white people do? They are superior at lying, cheating and stealing. That’s what Daisy Cousens learned when she found the worst Social Justice Warrior video of the year.

And speaking of Leftist propaganda, witness the backpedaling by the Michigan state representative Cynthia Johnson. She had threatened violence against Trump supporters, urging her “soldiers” to take action. She lost her committee assignments after making the vile threats, and now, she’s saying her “soldiers” were forces for Christ. Yep! More from Memology 101.

For many decades, the Democrats have gotten away with murder. They do not send out an SOS! They issue warnings! More from Thomas Wictor.

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What’s Up with Missile Threats?

Over the past week, we have seen a couple of false alerts go off in Hawaii and in Japan, alerts warning of incoming missiles, presumably from North Korea. What’s behind the strange coincidence? The Truth Factory takes a look.

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