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Paint It Black

Let’s take a closer look at the relationships linking Leon Black, Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein.

Black is former CEO of the private equity firm Apollo Global Management. He paid Epstein $158 million for tax-related advice between 2012 and 2017. Guzel Ganieva, a former Russian model, has charged Black and Epstein shared a passion for underage girls and kinky sex.

Gates, meanwhile, has been closely linked with Epstein’s investments and grants to MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. More from Jamie Dlux.

Elite Human Trafficking, Part 2

Here’s part two of Mouthy Buddha’s latest probe into Elite Human Trafficking. Here, we are introduced to the Art in Embassies program, a federal program administered by the State Department to supply artwork for U.S. embassies. Sounds worthwhile, but in actuality, it might well be a cover for child and sex trafficking.

Mouthy Buddha gives us a look at many of the sinister characters operating on the fringes who have been involved or aided by this program: the spirit cooking Marina Abramovic, dubious Brazilian faith healer John of God, super art collector Tony Podesta and Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis. We also meet Sabrina Bittencourt, who tried to expose how John of God ran sex slave farms for baby trafficking, only to be found dead shortly thereafter. (Editor’s Note: If you are squeamish, you might need to close your eyes for some of the John of God “faith surgery” scenes.)

We meet several other shady characters here: the artist Jeff Koons and his former wife, the Hungarian porn star Cicciolina. How can Koons serve on the board of the International Center for Missing & Exploited Children?

Others introduced: David Epstein, who operates the art shipping firm Masterpiece International, and Nicholas Negroponte, the co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, who took money from another Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein — even after Epstein had been convicted of child sex trafficking! Negroponte has said, “If you wind back the clock, I still say, ‘Take it.'”  He might be a powerful academic, but this dude has no class whatsoever. A true scumbag!

Mass Arrests On The Way!

Steve Pieczenik, former deputy assistant Secretary of State who served under four Presidents, says martial law is eminent. It will lead to several rounds of mass arrests involving some of the nation’s top political officials, as well as business and educational leaders. These sweeping arrests will shock the world, involving corruption and graft going back for many decades. For instance, one of the targeted individuals will be Dick Cheney, the former Vice President under George W. Bush.

Several of today’s top Democrats will be apprehended, including President Elect Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We’ll also see an arrest of Joe Biden’s scandalous son Hunter Biden. For many months now, we have documented Hunter Biden’s many deals involving the Ukraine, Communist China, Romania and Kazakhstan, including alleged kickbacks to Joe Biden.

But the Democrats won’t be alone. They will have plenty of Republican company, with U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah among those slated to be apprehended.

Piecezenik made the comments in a nearly hour-long program on InfoWars hosted by Alex Jones. Many of the arrests will involve graft and corruption associated with American wars across the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan. But there will also be arrests relating to the theft and sale of American inventions and patents. The individual facing military tribunals will include the presidents of at least three major universities — Harvard, Cornell and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When will we see these arrests? They will start before the scheduled Jan. 20 inauguration of Joe Biden in Washington DC. Pieczenik did not say if all of the arrests will occur before then or merely the first round or two.

It’s quite possible that these arrests could continue through the spring. While the country will remain under martial law during this interim period, Pieczenik said he expected to see President Donald Trump return for a second term. The details of when and how that will happen are unclear.

In other ground-breaking news, Pieczenik said the U.S. arrests follow a series of apprehensions that have already taken place worldwide. Pope Francis was among the figures already jailed.

Jones promised if Pieczenik is correct, Jones will pay him up to $200,000 annually to serve as a daily commentator on the InfoWars broadcasts. Pieczenik took the bet, and said he would never appear again on the show if he’s proven wrong. He served in the Secretary of State’s office during the administrations of George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

Zip Ties And Dollar Signs

A new report delves into the relations between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the late serial sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein. While the report doesn’t skirt MIT’s lack of responsibility, there’s a muddy picture of certain key elements — for instance, did Epstein work hand in glove with Microsoft Founder Bill Gates? Also, what was the role of Reid Hoffman in seeking donations from Epstein? Hoffman was a co-founder of LinkedIn and has been involved with numerous tech companies. He has defended the MIT Media Lab, which took the bulk of the Epstein donations. More from Jamie Dlux.

Always on the lookout, Jamie Dlux returns with a few snippets about Jeffrey Epstein. First, we see how he cemented his relationship with Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk, a Space X cowboy. Then we hear from Talulah Riley on how to marry a billionaire. Dlux closes with a look at Prince Andrew visiting New Mexico, staying at the Zorro Ranch and schmoozing with Epstein and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Deadman Switch-Clooney Link?

Isaac Kappy, a key whistle blower against Hollywood satanic pedophiles, was murdered in May and released a short video showing small little girls in a strange temple-like room with a altar. At the time, Kappy described the video as his dead man’s switch. A dead man’s switch is a switch that is automatically operated if the human operator becomes incapacitated, such as through death, loss of consciousness, or being bodily removed from control.

Now, it appears this building shown — the Titanic Mardan Palace — is directly tied to CIA asset and satanic pedophile George Clooney. The building is a resort beachfront hotel in Antalya, Turkey. More from Daniel Lee.

Over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Richard Stallman defended Jeffrey Epstein and berated Epstein’s victims, saying they were “entirely willing.” Stallman was miffed because MIT was under attack for taking money from Epstein even after it was known he was a serial pedophile. Hey, Stallman. Develop some sort of conscience, or else get the fuck out of town. No one wants derelicts like you running wild in our nation’s colleges and universities. More from Jamie Dlux.


Where’d Ya Go?

Jamie Dlux takes a look at a few of the missing Jeffrey Epstein associates, notably the French model handler Jean-Luc Brunel but also Epstein’s procuress Ghislaine Maxwell.

Eggsperimenting and stuff. MIT had blackballed Jeffrey Epstein and listed him as a “disqualified” donor, but the university continued to accept money and gifts from him on the sly,  consulting him on the use, simply by marking his contributions as anonymous and avoiding any disclosure, either within the university or publicly. Even Bill Gates got into the act, donating $2 million at Epstein’s behest. More from Jamie Dlux.

NASA astronaut and former US Senator from Ohio John Glenn was a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet in 1996. D. Marble makes the claim, citing unsealed flight records.

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Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others from the US business elite met with infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein despite his monstrous reputation. What were they thinking? Criminal defense attorney Jan Ronis and conservative commentator Rory Riley-Topping join Scottie Nell Hughes to weigh in.More from RT America.

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Donkeys and Dorian

Who is killing the Mojave Desert’s wild burros? Over the past three months, Bureau of Land Management officials have found the bodies of 42 burros covered in gunshot wounds near the California-Nevada border. In Pursuit of Truth opens the case.

Also, here, he takes a look at CNN’s disastrous Democratic debate on climate change. Was it purposely scheduled to coincide with an attempted nuclear disaster, involving Hurricane Dorian striking a nuclear power plant in St. Lucie, Florida? Was CNN expecting a meltdown? Why were they playing up how President Donald Trump would “nuke a hurricane” to prevent it from hitting the United States? And why did the CIA tweet beforehand “we’re in the business of anticipating things before they happen. #PSL” The PSL was presumably a reference to pumpkin spice latte but might it have signaled Port St. Lucie?

If it turns out all this is true, the CIA needs to be abolished, and CNN taken off the air for its traitorous ways. Really not acceptable in any way, shape or form.

The [Deep State] is continually pushing the sharpie marker narrative. Is there a message there? There is now evidence that Felix Sater is an intelligence operative. Mitt Romney’s career was kicked off by Robert Maxwell. MIT conceals donation by Jeffrey Epstein. More politicians decide to not run or resign. Taliban secret meeting called off by Trump. The question is why. Iran says Europe needs to step up in regard to the nuclear deal or else. Did Trump send a message and did we just see marker [1]? More from the X22 Report.

RedPill78 has a jampacked slate. Among the topics on review here: Jim Watkins of 8Chan, 1,000 people mentioned in documents relating to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, dirty cop Robert Mueller’s role in covering up the attacks in September of 2001 and a Clinton-connected, Deep State spy revealed.

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McAllister TV delves into the CIA fake news, the underground tunnels in Los Angeles, the ritual abuse of children, and the McMartin Pre-School case in the 1980s. The McMartin children alleged they had been taken into underground tunnels and molested. Although these tunnels weren’t discovered while the McMartin trial was in progress, McAllister TV unearths later videos showing these underground passages and rooms did, in fact, exist. So these kids were most likely telling the truth, while facts were hidden by the child molesters. In other words, the Satanist swine have been doing dirt for a long, long time, and getting away with it through subterfuge and lies.



Down the Epstein Rabbit Hole

Strap in. Amazing Polly talks about IN-Q-Tel, who the Maxwell sisters married & their mega-huge impact on culture. I go in to Aaron Swartz, MIT Media Labs, the Santa Fe Institute,, and the whole NASA / Jet Propulsion Labs Jack Parsons story with a mind-blower of an update on that! Also – Did you know there was a project to put artists into the defense & tech corporations back in the 60s? It’s a pretty unbelievable story, which I share with you here. All that and MORE. BOOM BOOM BOOM.

George Webb picks up where Amazing Polly leaves off. Namely, Webb discusses how Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell used student visas loopholes to procure and trade drugs. This is all fallout from Operation Cassandra, whereby the Obama administration allowed Hezbollah terrorists to freely traffic drugs and launder money as part of the Iranian nuclear pact.

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