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Trump’s Epic Election Strategy

Styxhexenhammer666 weighs in on President Donald Trump’s epic election strategy. “I think he’s trying to force Scotus’ hand,” says Styx.

Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania win was statistically impossible. More from Mr. Reagan.

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Trump loves challenges. More from Thomas Wictor.

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The President’s plan is working flawlessly. Never mind the naysayers, the doubters and those who panic over every setback. Once the dust has settled, you’ll see how President Donald Trump worked an amazing turnaround and cut off all lines of retreat and counterattack by the flailing Democrats. At least, that’s the encouraging prediction of Juan O’Savin, drawing upon such military lessons as Hannibal’s defeat of a far superior Roman army.

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Worst Case Scenario

What happens if Democrats do take control in 2021? Worse case scenario: They dismantle the US Constitution. More from Mr Reagan.

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Wait until you see what’s coming under Biden’s rule. Hint! You’re not going to like it. More from Lisa Haven.

Detroit’s Third World Election

We saw massive elections of vote fraud across America, focused in major cities under the control of the Democrats — Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia. But perhaps nowhere else was the mayhem quite as bad as what happened in Detroit. The vote fraud in evidence in Detroit mirrored what comes out of Third World countries. More from Vincent James with The Red Elephants.

The numbers are fishy. Reports of “irregularities” are rampant. The Biden surge just doesn’t add up. More from Mr. Reagan.

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Kamala Harris’ Cackle

Kamala Harris admits it: She laughs as a political tactic. More from Mr. Reagan.

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Leftists Lose Their Minds

This week’s Leftist meltdowns. They keep getting better and better. More from Mr. Reagan.

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Did The Post Implicate Biden?

Did the Washington Post just inadvertently implicate Joe Biden? It’s apparent Biden received a split of the money that was being paid to Hunter Biden by foreign corporations and governments. How much money are we discussing? Millions upon millions of dollars. In other words, it’s entirely correct to describe this as the Biden Crime Family, awash in a sea of corruption, payoffs, kickbacks and bribes. More from Mr. Reagan.

Conversations between former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, former US Vice President Joe Biden and formerĀ  US Secretary of State John Kerry confirm the international corruption, treason and external governance of Ukraine. There are three audio files, each recorded during the early months of 2016. More from McOpfa.

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The Insanity Of The Left

Mr. Reagan presents The Weekly Meltdown. Will lunatic Leftists ever be able to cope with reality? Are they forever lost in their delusions? How can they live in a world where so many of their fellow creatures don’t toe the straight and narrow party line?

Speaking of Leftist lunacy, will these Liberal idiots ever stop blaming everything on Russia? Is there no scandal where they will ever own up to their own sordid roles? Apparently not, judging from the latest performance by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. More from Mark Dice.

Mom Becomes A Satanist

Mr. Reagan examines a Huffington Post article written by a soccer mom who has decided to become a Satanist. What exactly drove her off the deep end? It’s hard to say, but the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg might have had something to do with it.

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Satanism and witchcraft are hot topics of discussion these days, and not just because Halloween is close at hand. The world is waking up to adrenochrome: The fight or flight drug so coveted by members of the Satanic elite. They are horrified and frightened that the world is catching on to their secrets. More from Alex Jones at Infowars.

No doubt, one of the reasons Infowars was so quickly banned by the social media platforms is because Alex Jones has long railed about adrenochrome and these Satanists murdering and eating children. Here, Jones shows how even daytime television hosts, like Dr. Phil, are beginning to explore this subject. We found this segment on Bitchute, one of the alternative sites where you can find InfoWars now that YouTube has banned the channel.


Joe Biden’s Racist Moments

Here are all the most racist moments of Joe Biden’s political life (that I was able to find). More from Mr. Reagan.

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Bow Down To The Queen

In incidents across the country, black women are insisting they are queens and demanding they be treated as such. This might be really old, and it might be really weird, but it’s becoming more prevalent. How do you cope if this happens in your presence? More from Mr. Reagan.

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