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The Power Of Fortitude

Can we continue to withstand the ongoing attacks on common sense? It appears that everyone not on Team Satan is feeling the unremitting assault on everything, not just traditional values and patriotism. The world is upside down and seems to be getting worse!

Bill Whittle welcomes AlfonZo Rachel to the podcast to discuss fortitude and the resistance to despair, and the willingness of people to stay in the fight, no matter how badly things may look.

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The Left Sows Seeds Of Division

A key issue in the election is who to blame for the deep division in American politics. Is it President Trump and his proclivity to get his message across on social media, or is it the deranged Left and its propensity for violence?

Dinesh D’Souza, political commentator and author of the new book, United States of Socialism, says it isn’t Trump who’s to blame. Biden and the Left are sowing the seeds of division. He reveals how the Left has traded the new face of socialism for the Venezuelan formula and chillingly documents the full range of the Left’s gangster tendencies.

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Aikman, Buck Crap On Military

When it comes to the National Football League, patriotism sells tickets and viewership ads. So any thought of the league being at odds with the military is absurd.

That wasn’t the case during a hot mic moment during the pregame of the Green Bay-Tampa Bay Week 6 matchup last Sunday night. The veteran broadcast team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman seemingly crapped on the military during a Pentagon jets flyover, unwittingly exposing themselves as soldiers of the Left. Aikman, former Hall of Fame quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, opened the sequence by saying, “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.” Buck countered with, “That’s your hard-earned money and tax dollars at work.” At which time Aikman finished off the idiocy with, “That stuff ain’t happening with a Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you right now.”

This is the new NFL, folks. Kowtowing to the Left and its fake concern over alleged racial injustice. Bowing to the whims of terrorist organizations, with their stenciled-in propaganda in stadiums throughout the league and on uniforms and our American flag be damned.

Meanwhile, the limited crowds attending games because of the COVID-19 pandemic don’t like what they see, aggressively booing the league’s surrender to Black Lives Matter. And it’s starting to take its toll. Through Week 6, gate receipts and TV viewership have plummeted significantly. And these spoiled athletes and executives wonder why. Here’s more with Salty Cracker.

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The Russian Bear Squeaks

Taken aback by a Russian man’s letter bashing America, Wild Bill climbs on his patriotic horse and lashes back in this edition of Wild Bill for America.

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