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An Important Day In History

The [Deep State] fell right into the trap of all traps. They went ahead and cheated in the 2022 midterm elections. Now, the people see the truth. They see the fraud. It is now being exposed.

Trump has exposed the sleepers before the next phase of the plan. This is not about another 4 year election. We are at war (information war) and Trump is a war time president. Trump is exposing the system to the people a little bit at a time so the people can understand how bad it really is. Trump is ready to make an announcement that will be one of the most important days in history. More from the X22 Report.

Guy Brummell’s Flag Decode

Yesterday, we ran a piece from RedPIll78, commenting on the unusual¬† flag at former President Donald Trump’s Youngstown, Ohio rally over the weekend. Notably the flag was missing the 50 stars, representing our 50 states.¬† Here, Guy Brummell offers his own decode of the flag. He remains jailed in Canada but regularly makes contact with McAllister TV. Also in this video:

  • Who is Bluewater?
  • The Age of Ascension!
  • The Information War.
  • The No. 17 in the News.

The STARS are dark! Electric shock! Castle L@CK Perfection! The enemy is in panic mode! More from And We Know.

Are The Good Times Really Over

Merle Haggard sings, “Are The Good Times Really Over?” More from Blue Raven.

Trump Will Become 19th POTUS

When all is said and done, and the chaos has subsided, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in for his second term as the 19th President of the United States. Hold on, now. He was inaugurated as our 45th President in January 2016, so wouldn’t he be sworn in as POTUS 45 once again?

Not according to an analysis by writer David Robinson in the American Patriots Email Report. If all goes according to plan, Robinson writes, Trump will be sworn in for his second term as our 19th POTUS on March 4, not Jan. 20, because the United States of America has not functioned or been operational as a nation for 150 years, thanks to the Act of 1871, when it became a corporation owned by the city of London. In fact, every time you see an American flag with gold fringe and tassels attached to it, this represents the corporation, not the country.

Preston explains that if fake President-elect Joe Biden, VP-elect Kamala Harris, VP Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are arrested for their crimes, there will be no one to assume the Presidency. And since Trump was not certified the winner of the Nov. 3 election by Congress, he cannot remain President. In this scenario, with no President, the corporation known as the United States of America will be dissolved and the military will become guardians of the nation. When an ensuing probe reveals that there was massive fraud surrounding the election and that Trump actually won in a landslide, he will be sworn in as the 19th POTUS, following our 18th Commander in Chief, Ulysses S. Grant, the last President elected before the U.S. became a corporation. Here’s more with Martin Brodel.

Proof The Democrats Are Dead

If you needed any proof the Democrats are a dying breed, check out this “musical performance” run during their National Convention this week. It’s Billy Porter and Stephen Stills performing “For What It’s Worth.” Obviously, it’s not worth a hill of beans.

You’ve got Stills playing a two-note guitar and looking half-dead. Porter resembles a drag Dracula in a black tutu sashaying around. And the American flag doesn’t even look real. All of the white’s been starched out of it — turned to a bloody red, befitting the Democrats, since much of their money and support comes from the Communist Chinese.

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Day 1 of the 2020 Democrat National Convention featured an entirely virtual acid trip of events, replete with fake clapping and bizarre rants from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, and John Kasich. But as bad as it was, no one expected the Wonka-esque fail finale of Billy Porter and Stephen Stills. More from John Ward.

Styxhexenhammer666 didn’t waste any time releasing his own version, lambasting the Antifa cucks in the streets of Portland.


Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gang up on President Donald Trump. They want him to kneel and bow before them. But Trump teaches them a thing or two about America and Old Glory. More from The United Spot.

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