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What Power Looks Like

Benjamin Netanyahu, who returns for his third stint as Israel’s Prime Minister, tells The Rubin Report how the country has been able to harness free markets and capitalism to achieve a higher GDP per capita than France and Japan.

Netanyahu, who says socialism was a major thorn in the Israeli economy the past few years, also elaborates on the difficulty of forming a coalition government and what issues matter most to conservative Israelis.

The Collapse Of The UK!

The sudden and shocking resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss not only signals more chaos for the United Kingdom, but may also signal the demise of the British Empire!

Josh Sigurdson reports the turn of events has further enhanced the collapse of the British pound, which has fallen nearly 40 percent this year. “It is clear that the global currency system collapse is meant to bring in the new world reserve currency BRICS,” he says. More from World Alternative Media.

Exit, Stage Left

Liz Truss resigns as Great Britain’s Prime Minister after only 44 days in office. More from Hugo Talks.

Japan’s Shinzo Abe Shot Dead

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has died after being gunned down at a campaign event earlier today. Shinzo, who was Japan’s longest-serving prime minister before stepping down in 2020, was giving a campaign speech in the town of Nara when assassinated. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he later died. A suspect was detained at the scene. Here’s more from BBC News.

Farmers Riot In Netherlands

In perhaps a precursor for the United States, farmers are rioting in the Netherlands, after government quashed their ability to provide sustainability for the food supply chain.

Josh Sigurdson reports that Holland’s Bilderberg Prime Minister Rutte, who loves technocracy, has pushed forward insane agendas that aim to eliminate a third of all farms in the country, or 50,000 farms to be exact. Could this be heading our way? Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Aussies Recall 50 Million Jabs

Breaking in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that a massive 50 million doses of University of Queensland vaccines have been recalled. The jabs were scrapped after it was discovered they were triggering false positives for HIV.

Vaccine expert Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky raised the alarm early. “Our feeling was, it was too experimental a technology to be rolled out,” he said. The details from RenaudBe.

Truckers, Police Exchange Barbs

Josh Sigurdson reports that Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) agents are now threatening to arrest and seize equipment from the historic Freedom Convoy, which has now reached 100,000 trucks.

He says the RCMP initiated so-called negotiations to stop the convoy from blocking the highway at the U.S.-Canada border crossing in Ottawa. Here’s more from World Alternative Media, including a clip of the heated exchange between police and the truckers.

For The Children

Border battles. Old Guard falling apart. Children’s love melting hearts! Thank God! Pray! More from And We Know.

Listen as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brags how he has bought off the fake news. “You don’t get headlines like these without greasing the wheels,” he chimes, noting his Liberal government has allocated $600 million to butter up the press.


Jolie Blue offers a Canadian convoy rally song. “This one is for the truckers, the riggers, and everyone else in the Oil & Gas Industry… and their families.”

Boris’ Partygate Troubles Mount

Boris Johnson’s about-face on Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates last week tossed a huge monkey wrench into the Deep State’s Great Reset plans and the elites are dishing out some payback.

The libtards in British government are coming down full-force on Johnson with a police investigation into what the media has dubbed the Partygate Scandal, referring to the many celebrations prime minister threw, while allegedly violating lockdown restrictions. Says political media pundit Alexander Mercouris, “These investigations do look as if they are conducted by Boris Johnson’s political enemies.” Here’s more from The Duran.

On The COVID Soapbox

Whatsherface is back on her COVID-19 pandemic soapbox, this time taking aim at her home country of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for their Draconian restrictions and lockdowns.

“I think it’s time you peeked outside of your igloo and admit it: you’ve been bamboozled,” she says. She rips Trudeau apart, labeling him a Communist China sympathizer and shames him for the country’s latest stipulations for lifting the lockdown: 75 percent of Canadians will need to receive one dose of the vaccine and should get their second shot by midsummer.

And like sheep, the people follow. “What happened to the people of this country,” says Whatsherface. “We are truly the laughing stock of this world.” Here’s the rest of her rant.

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