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Trump Confirms He’s Q+

Christian Patriot News reports President Trump has confirmed that he is, indeed, Q+. He explains further, plus posits that Kash Patel might well be named the next director of the FBI under another Trump Administration. All this and more deltas from the Q posts.

RedPill Dissects New “Q” Posts

Over the weekend we had several new posts signed as Q using the last known trip code, so let’s take a look and try to determine if they’re legit. More from RedPill78.

The Tide Will Turn Fast

An epic 26-second Instagram clip from Gen. Michael Flynn, five-year deltas from the Q posts and more comms from Dan Scavino strongly suggest that a huge red wave orchestrated by the White Hats is imminent.

Flynn captioned his clip “The Lifeguard: Coming soon.” One of Q’s deltas, posted Nov. 1, 2017, reads: “The initial wave will be fast and meaningul. It will send a signal to others immediately and you’ll see the tide turn.” Christian Patriot News (CPN) submits the “red wave” is a cryptic referral to the military. Are the fireworks about to begin? Here’s CPN with more.


Truth Bombs: Let Declas Begin

Christian Patriot News (CPN) reports that truth bombs from Q-drop deltas and a cryptic tweet from Rudy Giuliani suggests the fun is about to go full throttle.

What to expect? CPN says the much-awaited declassification will be shown to the world through Truth Social, including the unsealing of thousands of indictments and massive arrests. “Let the declas begin,” Q posts. Here’s CPN’s report.

Justice, Pain Coming

Christian Patriot News (CPN) dips back into the Q three-year deltas, revealing pain and justice are coming for the gang at Epstein Island.

The Q deltas, posted on March 20, 2019, warns that no one will escape what is coming. Q posts in one of the deltas, “Epstein island (beneath temple). Sex & torture rooms. Openly flaunt across social media. Untouchable? Down she goes [referring to Hillary Clinton].  Nobody escapes this. NOBODY.” Q also warns of increased Deep State attacks and its plan to de-platform us from social media, and its failed coup to overthrow the Trump presidency. Here’s more from CPN.

Epic Booms, Bombs And Comms

President Trump continued his tour across the country, visiting patriots in Des Moines, Iowa, over the weekend and doubling on how corrupt the elections were and that we are, indeed, the enemy of the media, big tech and big money.

Christian Patriot News reports that Trump not only confirmed two- and three-year delta comms from Q during the rally, but proved beyond any doubt that he is Q+ and that the future proves the past. CPN brings us more, including how the corrupt media is using fake news to discredit Q and the Anons.

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