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Fire And Fury Will Rain Down

The [Deep State] is ready to push everything they have at the patriots. The patriots have now prepared for what is coming. All the pieces to the puzzle have been put into place and at the right moment, the patriots are going to strike. Defcon 1 is the key. That is when fire and fury is going to rain down on the [Deep State]. OWL will be put into place. COG will be initiated. Castle Rock. Strategic planning. The military was the only way. More from the X22 Report.

Choice: Fight To Remain Free

Crrow777 returns to SGT Report to present the most important choice you will ever make, and it’s a choice you must make now: Will you fight to remain a free man or woman, or will you accept the offer to be enslaved?

More amazing information exposes our enemies! Keep redpilling your family and friends. Keep fighting for freedom. Pray! More from And We Know.

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