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Fire And Fury Will Rain Down

The [Deep State] is ready to push everything they have at the patriots. The patriots have now prepared for what is coming. All the pieces to the puzzle have been put into place and at the right moment, the patriots are going to strike. Defcon 1 is the key. That is when fire and fury is going to rain down on the [Deep State]. OWL will be put into place. COG will be initiated. Castle Rock. Strategic planning. The military was the only way. More from the X22 Report.

Exactly What Is Going On

Sometimes the bad guys don’t think far enough ahead. That’s what they are in the process of doing right now. And if we play our cards right, we can still — belatedly, perhaps — strike them down with a vengeance. More from Juan O. Savin.

Castle Rock

In Pursuit of Truth returns after a long absence, saying he’s working on some long-term projects. Fake POTUS Joe Biden has been sworn in, to the dismay, of the US-A!  Lady Gaga’s references to the Hunger Games were so apropos to the Inauguration. Biden moved to reverse pretty much all of Donald Trump’s initiatives. So we’re back to a having a clueless and worthless federal government that will place liberal policy ahead of the American people and our job opportunities. Funny how all the Leftists — like the morons in Hollywood and those who run academia — are always demanding greater handouts while trying to shut down people who actually work!

IPOT wonders aloud whether Joe Biden has been filming scenes inside the Oval Office set that Warner Brothers built for the movie Dave? It certainly looks like a possibility. What would be remarkable about that? Dave spins a fictional narrative about a Presidential imposter!

The patriots are now setting the stage for public opinion. Trump declassified the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Information is being dripped out, to prepare the public for what is coming. The memo is just the beginning. More is on its way. This will set the narrative and make the [Deep State] players feel pain at each step of the way. Biden and his administration have a Supreme Court lurking in the background. Impeachment papers have been filed and Durham will most likely begin to unseal indictments to make arrests, just like Mueller. Sometimes you must show the people. More from the X22 Report.

Sarge from Icons explains the difference between the Constitutional Republic and the dead USA Corporation, which is what Joe Biden is heading. U R watching a show! More from McAllister TV.

You Must Sacrifice Yourself

The patriots have set a plan in motion to take back this country, but before that happens the [Deep State] system need to be brought down: The entire system. Trump need to sacrifice himself for optic reason. He needs to be completely out of the picture, which means he is not President. Trump and the patriots planned this from the beginning. The [Deep State] players believe they won. They used their ammunition. They believe they can’t be stopped. With all the distractions, there is one man who was left behind. Think mirror. More from the X22 Report.

Our plans are not God’s plans. The end won’t be for everyone. Pray! More from And We Know.

What if the patriots are in control? It looks as if they have surrendered. The imposter, Joe Biden, is President and the Democrats are pledging draconian measures against anyone who speaks against them. But could all that violent bluster and tough talk about censorship be a mirage? More from Jordan Sather.

Who lied and sold us out? There are some very sick and petty individuals who are gloating now because Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the US Corporation. In concert with the mockingbird whore media they blame the 17th letter of the alphabet. Here are the facts. More from the SGTReport.

Plan Exposed And Countered

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media plan has failed. The public is realizing that they need the police force. The [DS] is now following their 16-year-plan. The plan is to remove the police and replace them with their own people who have not sworn an oath to uphold the constitution. The plan is to use this new police force other than stopping crime. Their plan resembles the same plan used prior to WWII. Once the public know, once the plan is exposed, it fails. More from the X22 Report.

What have we seen in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death? Protests from the Left that have turned increasingly brutal and violent. They murder cops. They waylay anyone in their path that doesn’t bow to the demands of Black Lives Matter. Stores are looted. Government officers burnt to the ground. The thing about these protesters: No matter how much destruction they cause, it’s never enough. They will always come back and do even more damage. Make greater demands. Push their “utopian” ideas straight out of 1984 and Brave New World. Here, JustInformed Talk describes these leftists and asks “Are they prepared for us?”

Stand up! Find your voice! We are the majority! We will have our country back! Some 750 police officers were killed or injured over the past week of rioting, with 20 percent of those injuries occurring in Washington DC. As the officers were pummeled and hit with bricks, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters destroyed countless buildings, including some of heavy historic value. This bears out what we have been saying for some time: The Democrats are evil scum. You do not want them running your cities, let alone your states, and most certainly not in control of the White House. More from And We Know.

Attorney Wes Christian joins the SGTReport  to reveal the horrifying truth about Wall Street, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and your stocks: They’ve already stolen $100 TRILLION and when the music stops, the plan is to leave you with NOTHING.

Face it. Shithole countries handled the coronavirus better than the United States. And especially better than the Democratic states, which have tried to use the coronavirus to imprison citizens, close churches and push their Leftist marching orders. The Democrats are cray-cray! Nutso! So full of beans, they are not just talking nonsense, but literally sounding like idiots who just got released from a psychiatric ward.  Need a compilation of the stupidity? More from We Are Change.

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