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Kerry Snuff Film! Fly Swatting!

Al Gore blood suitcases! John Kerry snuff film! Skull and Bones! Geronimo’s Skull! Sam Kinison! Dragon Dynasties! Code Word Hillbilly! Dew Weapons! Vatican! Putin threatening London! Q-Mega memes! Concerned trolls! Silence of the Lambs! More from McAllister TV.

Hollywood Adreno-Clones!

The Canadian truckers! Hollywood’s adrenochrome and clone breakdowns! What’s happening to Hollywood? What’s really happening to Hollywood? Celebrity weirdness, celebrity hybrids, celebrity clones! More from McAllister TV.


The Silence of The Sheeps

Joe Biden gets the word from Smelly Pants Nancy Pelosi: Kamala Harris is in line to inherit his job. Biden isn’t exactly thrilled, but what’s he going to do? More from The United Spot.

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